Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The end is closing in for Greece

There are two posts over at ZeroHedge you should read. Now.

Actually, with the 3 month trading at a mindblowing 4%+, which we are fairly confident is a record for any country, let alone a EU and EMU member, one can claim that the country will not see July in its current political form.

And then:
And so the Greek funding crisis shifts to a liquidity crisis yet again. reports that Commerzbank, among many others, is now pulling its repos with Greek banks, essentially killing liquidity in the entire financial system.

To summarize the collapse is near. The questions needed to be answered now are; will the Germans continue to fight the bail-out? Will the Eurozone members throw billions into the Greek fire to postpone the olive-oily crash for another year or so? Will the IMF step in with their scams and trickery? How long before there’s a revolt just as in Thailand and Kyrgyzstan?

But the really important questions are what come next. Will Italy follow Greece this year or next? Is Spain about to go down? How long does the Portuguese fiasco last?

I can tell you this, when one of these bigger failures (Portugal withstanding) start to crumble and rumble, then all the rest will follow and then it is just a race to the bottom. And I don’t mean just for Europe…

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