Friday, April 2, 2010

The Christian scam of Easter

While the Catholic Church combats accusation thrown at their priests, who in true Swedish Minister of Justice Style, have been torturing and sexually molesting children, some people are celebrating Easter.

Why you may ask? Why do we celebrate Easter?

Well, there was this guy that was born around Dec 25th, born of a virgin that was impregnated by the Holy Ghost and his birth was followed by a star in the East. He was of royal descent. The birth was adorned by 3 kings; he became a teacher at 12, was baptised at 30 and had 12 disciples. He was called the light, and the son of God, and he performed miracles, among many walking of water. When he died he was 'crucified', dead for 3 days and then resurrected.

This is of course the Egyptian ‘Sun’/sky-God Horus.

We also use the pagan sign of a cross waved around just as many other religions and astrologists was doing long before any supposed son of a carpenter walked among men.

You see the Christian religion, just as most religions, are build upon other religions that came before. Almost the entire Old Testament is stolen directly from the Sumerians and Babylon. For example the Noa Story that can be found in many stories among the tribes and cultures that existed before, and the totally fictional Moses tale (of which there is no historical or archeological evidence for) that is stolen from the Sargon-myth mixed in with Misos of Egypt who carried stone tablets with the word of God around.

Most of the symbolism, items mentioned and stories about Jesus are stolen from Egypt mythology. Or, in some cases, from Persian, Roman or Greek fairy tales.

Even the 10 commandments are taken from Egypt’s Book of the Dead. Other interesting things that most likely comes from Egypt is; Baptism, afterlife, crucifixion, Great flood, Easter, Passover, virgin birth and much, much more.

This isn’t a secret, even religious people admits that there are many similarities. This is either explained by convenient way of adapting to pagan religions in order to convert them into the “correct” religion or the claim is that God have worked his way up through the ages trying to rely the message but only with Jesus and the Christian church things actually got right.

Some also claim that there are no similarities between Jesus and Horus saying that there’s no proof of Horus being born by a virgin. Such claims are nonsense, we know such stories from Egyptian mythology and it is just idiotic to ignore it.

And if Christianity, which is the bloodiest and most oppressive religion of all time, is the correct religion you just gotto throw a lot of profanities at God.

But even this bloodlust has its explanations from devotees of the plagiarized Jesus figure. Their religion was hijacked by evil men or Satan (another stolen entity from other religions). This I find particularly funny since most of the evil stuff being done in the name of God can be found in the bible. A bible that didn’t exist before circa 325AD just as Jesus wasn’t regarded as the son of God and part of the holy trinity before that date. You know what happen then don’t you? Well, some bishops and priests came together and VOTED on those issues.

Religion in general is a fraud; and Christianity in particular is a horrible scam. Probably the second biggest scam of all time, after the totally mad idea of Manmade Global warming.

Maybe you’re supposed to respect religions, but I don’t. I can respect individuals and their faith as their conviction, but that doesn’t mean they are less stupid. People who follow the mythological figure of Jesus are morons; plain and simple.


  1. I think you shouldn't believe too much of that theosophist spiel, found in 'Zeitgeist' and elsewhere.

    You have a right to your own beliefs, of course, and if you think Christians are morons, fine. But why then do you post a clip of Ron Paul above? By your estimation he is a moron.

  2. I don’t care about the Zeitgeist idiots. Sometimes they come to the same conclusion, as they also have done, partly, when it comes to fractional reserve banking, but even idiots gets it right sometimes.

    This is the truth, whatever someone makes out if it is their business.

    And yes, in this regard he is. Religion is stupid and Christianity highly so.

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