Saturday, March 6, 2010

A perfect example of how government kills

Khat is an amphetaminelike, green, leafy plant typically grown in the Arabian Peninsula and popular with people from Somalia, Ethiopia and Yemen. For centuries the "flower of paradise" has been used legally in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula as a stimulant and social tonic.

In the Horn of Africa and parts of the Middle East, khat is a regular part of life, often consumed at social gatherings or in the morning before work and by students studying for exams. Users chew the plant like tobacco or brew it as a tea. It produces feelings of euphoria and alertness that can verge on mania and hyperactivity depending on the variety and freshness of the plant.

This traditional drug is now being chased after in many European countries, Sweden included. Only Britain and the Netherland’s have a slightly more free policy.

Of course papers are reporting that this drug as a “contributor to terrorism” since it makes Somalia warlords and Muslim fundamentalists rich. The drug also contributes to the stoning of women, it makes children pick up AK-47 to shot at other children, and it makes any male chewing it into a lazy bum that beats up his wife every time there’s a commercial on TV.

Although true that most terrorist organizations and some shadowy men get almost all of their income from Khat and other drugs, one sometimes need to ask why this is.

Firstly, drugs are expensive which almost entirely comes from being illegal. So growing/making and selling drugs is very lucrative business.

Secondly, people want drugs – that’s never gonna change - so the one supplying drugs gain much power just by delivering it. Again because of the illegality only the so called terrorists, mafia and such are the ones that win.

Thirdly, since any transaction between user and seller need to take place in secret, through smuggling or in dark alleys it means that a sub-cultures is formed and the police, boarder-patrols and other law enforcement need to work harder, hire more people and so ending up costing the taxpayers lots more.

If the drug were legal it would be grown and sold everywhere and since you could get it at the supermarket at a fraction of today’s price almost all income to mafias, terrorists and crime syndicates would disappear.

If you really want to point a finger you should do so at the one entity that is culpable for creating, supporting and in other ways helping terrorism, the one that has outlaw Kath, or any other drug for that matter, and so really is the main culprit - Government.

Every sack with heroin, every string of cocaine and every car filled with Kath comes with a big THANK YOU –note to your government from al-Shabab, Alky Aida or any other terrorist organization.

Without your government founding terrorism in this manor there would hardly be any terrorism, so you can bet your life on that when Bin-Laden pray one of the first things he says is to give thanks to western governments for founding his war against the same governments.

This is the essence of the ‘war on drugs’ idiocy.

Think about that next time you smoke tobacco that kills twenty times more people that all the drugs combined while drinking alcohol that kills fifteen times more than all the drugs combined while you’re paying taxes to your government. Government which is the worst murderer of humans that ever was…

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  1. you are totally right man! :-) the problem is that not many people understand this.....they think that their "democratic" governments always wants their best. a big joke is what this is.