Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The next excuse

The first step in the defending-the-totalitarian-justice-minister case was to diminish what she says and does. It wasn’t so bad, not really, fascist yes, but a nice one.

And it was taken out of context; we have all gotto realize that sitting in a seminar for which the Minister, who has been in politics her whole life, had many days to prepare for, well, then it is very easy to utter totalitarian opinions. Of course taking six days to come up with a very lame excuse that she later withdrew referring to the general election is very reasonable.

Also, she loves innocent children so much that she will force them into submission, strap them down, and while they are crying and protesting the ministers caring personality make her put needles into their tiny bodies and force them to pee in a coup. All being done while the parents know nothing about it and under the suspicion of somethingsomething (very vague).

After that we learned that it was the colors of envelops the minister wanted to send to suspected and innocent people that had upset a whole country. Yes, sure, indeed.

Now the next spin from the doctors at media has arrived. How can anyone think that our Minister of Justice wants to bring us unto a football field and shot us? Do bloggers really think that the minister is evil incarnate and has plans for neck-shots, Gulag camps and torture chambers?

Sort of implying that we’re overdoing it and taking it too far.

Of course the journalist whores do have a point. Many have taken it too far, at least in contrast to the old media and mainstream pundits. I’m guilty for that offence myself.

However, if we hadn’t, the Justice Ministers transgressions would have gone by pretty much unnoticed. Her totalitarian views had been buried very quickly and yet another nail in the coffin containing justice, fairness, democracy, integrity and freedom would have been hammered in without anyone complaining.

For a couple of years now Sweden has very rapidly been turning into an Orwellian nightmare. The acronyms are very well-known; FRA, IPRED, ACTA - just to mention a few. Everything we do, all communication whether it is by phone or online activities is recorded, saved and acted upon by authorities. Cameras are popping up everywhere; seemingly Britain is the country to follow. Private companies have police authority and can storm your home without a warrant and steal all your appliances.

The Justice Minister have been behind and involved in all of this, so when she says she wants to play dominatrix and brutally abuse our children and then utters the most chilling sentences ever said by a Swedish minister, of course people will lose it.

The only surprise so far is that people are still very calm about all this. They should be out burning down public buildings and storming the Bastille. That’s the reaction we should be seeing.

But to me the most frightening thing in this entire story is how little media reacts. A few independent journalists have been saying the minister has gone too far, but mostly they’ve come to her aid. Supporting her saying that; okay it was stupidly said by the minister, but let’s move on...

For me you cannot see the sentences and opinions uttered by our JUSTICE MINISTER by itself. It has to be put in a context. By itself it is bad enough, she should resign, get sacked or, preferably, get rolled in tar and feathers and get thrown out of the country. But if we look at what has been going on lately and if we put her totalitarian views together with the torture of children and the STASI-like society being built, it gets a lot worse.

Her opinions, that she obviously has - it wasn’t a fluke or a drunken spat – is yet another symptom of where we are heading. Our future looks very grim and if we let Ministers get away with crap like this, we’re heading for a horrendous society very fast.

And no, I don’t think the opposition will change things. If they do, it will be for the worse.

This is about preserving our last freedoms, our last remaining democratic rights. So even if none of us actually thinks the Minister in question have the genocide-genome, her statements and the general actions of the powers that be is certainly leading in that fascist direction.

Shouldn’t we speak up? Are we to shut up and bend over? Is that what journalists want? Are they really that pissed at alternative news and blogs that they rather see a totalitarian state then have ordinary citizens take their jobs away?

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