Friday, March 12, 2010

Avatar and Our future

Watched the Avatar movie yesterday and I’m both impressed and very pissed off. Also, I do have questions relevant for the future.

Firstly, the pissed off part. I always get angry when moviemakers put in a lot of political mumbo jumbo in movies. If I ever watch a movie, which isn’t that often, I want to be entertained. It may be a romantic story, a sci-fi flick or some brainless shoot-em-all Rambo idiocy, but the point is to make the mind wander, to excape reality and be entertained for a while.

I do like the political aspect as well, but not that in the face ‘the natives are pure and always right’ crap which this movie is all about. It seems that whenever a movie is made that brings up civilization versus savages the later always are so damn righteous that it only pisses me off. I want to see native smoking; drinking and being alive damn it, not some glorified mambipambi boohooing virtuous loving all animals’ madness that has no basis in any kind of reality.

I’m not saying cutting down trees and to mine for a profit always is the right thing to do, but the opposite isn’t true either. Also, some of the worst atrocities ever made have been carried out by not so civilized people. Indigenous aren’t saints and any movie set out to say that is automatically lying.

On the other hand the visuals are near perfection and the storyline, despite the obvious all life is sacred crap, is a good one. Also very good acting and a movie worth watching.

Questions I also do have. Like when will actors be obsolete? I can see a future not very far off that demands nothing more from actors other than to supply their voice to some character made in a computer. And then the next step, ordinary people being able to do movies on their laptop equal to that of any movie studio today.

What will they then do about property rights? Piratebay? The fascist laws they are imposing will within a couple of decades be totally obsolete if this prediction is true, so what do you think they will do with them then? Scrap em? Not a chance.

Interesting thought nevertheless. All the big corporations and executives now protecting their obsolete industry would be gone. What a shame…

Is this what they see? Is this thought why they break down doors and trial grandmas and youngsters?


Trying to squeeze the last pennies out and keep the technology back as long as possible.

The same goes for media. Blogs and alternative news are already taking market shares for each day that passes and the old media needs to adapt or die out. Are they afraid too? Probably.

And politicians, what will such a changed earth do to their occupation?

Well, I can hardly wait.

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