Sunday, February 21, 2010

On our way down the abyss

Another couple of articles today that illuminate our current financial situation. Although as usual without conclusions or real background information, it is still nice to see someone from the mainstream media, at least indirectly, warning about our impending doom.

The truth is that we’ve reached the end of the line. There are no more trickery, borrowing or printing that can once again inflate the bubbles. This is it. When the depression, that never went away – it is still lurking behind the scenes – hits the world, it will overshadow anything ever seen before.

This time it isn’t only one or two markets, it’s not just inflation or only debt-mountains. No. This time it is all of them and then some.

The welfare state has grown out of control. Socialism have rampaged through the markets, fascism is growing and hindering the last bastions of freedom such as the Internet. But more importantly then any ideological label is that the rich, the powerful, the elitists, the enemy class, have consolidated their power and the oligarchical structure of übermench have gone global.

In reality it isn’t about left VS right anymore. Sure you can find lots of examples of leftie righteousness running amok, but for the most part our market economies are still there. They are overregulated, controlled and taxed beyond belief, but still there and the ones in charge want to keep ‘em there. You see it is the free market or the small portion of capitalism we have that creates value and wealth and if they take that away there’s no-one left to tax or steal from, and you can be damn sure they know it.

So we have a sort of center-left fascist mix we really should give a new name. Maybe ‘Populist Statism’? ‘GramscoFabiaNazism' perhaps?

It is very likely that this way of governing will sooner or later tip over into a more pure socialist or, probably more plausible, fascist order. To a large extent we’re seeing it already.

Even though the Church of Climatology, one of many scams used to further consolidating power and bring forth world governance, has been exposed as the lie that it is, we’re still seeing far gone signs of elitist appreciation of this religion. And even if the public outcry becomes too strong, they can always use that money and those scams to found any number of government policies and departments.

But this post is really about economy, not ideology. It is about facts, not opinion.

In reality the debt accumulation that already several years ago had gone too far, have put a serious dent in the elitist power structure.

The coming years most countries have obligations on top of the already amass debt that corresponds to 300%-400%-500% or more of GDP. This leaves politicians with very little choice. Either cut expenditures or rise taxes, maybe a combination of both. And do you think people will be happy when all the promised welfare checks go away?

Public debts are bad, but private and company debts are also at an all-time high. Remember the ‘Minor Depression’ we had in the 1930’s? Back then, before the crashes, most people didn’t have huge debts and certainly not credit card debts. Most people own their homes, most people worked in producing companies and it was only a couple of main problems that lead up to that petite little thing.

The debts aren’t the only problem though. Debts alone we could handle, it would be tough but doable.

How they’ve yanked up the printing-machines so far would also be manageable, seen as an isolated problem. Inflation will steal more of our actual income and the indirect tax that comes with will further bring power to the enemy class. When I say “so far” you should know that some, if not many, countries will continue to print money as a way of paying off debt. If that is the case, which is very likely, we’re faced with a worse situation. But as said, the inflation problem alone our civilizations would survive.

Power-grabbing scams such as manmade global warming, Tobin-taxation and GDP-trickery we would also be able to cope with. If they were isolated or sole problems.

Even the ever expanding control-grid and the never ending increase in bureaucracy isn’t enough to have us crashing and burning.

And if it was only one or two countries we could handle it, but it’s not, it’s almost all of them. A worldwide problem consistent of many problems. Those mentioned here and many others.

So when we add it altogether and really think about where this is going, how do you think it looks then?

The boat isn’t just sinking, it has already sunk. We’re gobblegobbling on our way down while the band keeps playing and the crew announces that everything is fine. You all keep eating, keep shopping at the promenade and don’t worry about a thing. Nothing to see out the window folks, keep moving. The captain and his marry band of bandits that raided your cabins while you were feasting are however gone. They are still on the surface broadcasting messages of ‘everything is fine’ to the populace down below.

You need to know who to really blame for this. Our elitists will of course conjure up ‘Muslims’, ‘greed’, or any other ‘scape-goat to cover their arses and stay in power. Don’t buy it.

Truth to say, if you really want to know who to blame, you need only to look in a mirror. You voted for them, you wanted it, you said nothing and have done even less.

But you’ve also been fooled.

When the entire spectra of everyone from journalists to big business, from government to scientists, from unions to the biggest banks i.e. the entire enemy class says something and argue for it over decades, you can be partly forgiven for listening.

Schools spitting out mindless automatons and peer-pressure have done the rest.

So when you roam the countryside in the future, looking for food, shelter and work, please listen to what I now say.

Don’t blame us that said this was coming, don’t blame markets or companies in general, don’t blame Muslims, Jews or any other group of people. Put some of that blame on yourself, but as soon as you’ve realized what role you played, put the blame were it really belongs; with banksters, politicians, journalists and all of their direct supporting personnel.

And as said before, when you encounter one of our enemies on your travels, please make sure to bury the corps and mark the ground so the next traveler knows were to stop for a piss and a little jig.


  1. Please, take your meds.

  2. It's true (and quite depressing). It should be obvious to anyone that exponential growth (the basis for our current economical system) can never be maintained within a finite system. Any working economy must take into consideration that we live on a finite planet with finite resources. One such alternative economy is presented by the Venus Project:

  3. @Anonymous
    I don’t do chemicals if not absolutely necessary or for recreation.

  4. @Stefolof:
    No, not really. Resources are finite only in relation to technology and findings, not in actual fact. This earth has no problem feeding 100 billion people at a much higher living standard than today. And economic growth isn’t the problem, the problem is fictive economic growth measured by GDP. That is not sustainable, that is correct, but that isn’t really growth, that is a scam.

    Zeitgeist has some merits, but has missed certain points and has tad too much leftie ground to stand on for my taste. Basically too much conspiracism (much of which is stolen from other, real researches and actual economists) and too little of substance.

  5. @apocalypse: The earth's resources are finite, period. New technologies and findings can improve upon existing conditions but it doesn't change fact. Our current economy is based on oil which is produced at an infinitely lower rate than is being consumed.

    Economical growth is a problem IF it is exponential, that is the AMOUNT of growth increases every year. Albert Bartlett said: "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function."

    Whatever measure is used, consumption cannot increase exponentially when the basis for the economy lies still or increases linearly at best.

    Are you talking about the Zeitgeist movies? While I agree that the first movie was too much conspiracy, that's peripheral within the movement. There's no left and right. Only better or worse solutions to problems. What points do you think has been missed if you don't mind me asking?

  6. No, maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Resources are only limited by the level of technology and the cost for extracting it. We have oil etc. on this planet that will last for thousands of years with much higher output than today. The problem is we don’t have the means to get to it or the cost is too high.

    And even IF some resource were to become very scarce two things would happen. First the cost would be very high, which limits the market. Secondly alternatives would arise. So in this sense any resource is endless even if there’s only a certain amount in the ground.

    Economic growth isn’t a problem, not in any way. Exponential or otherwise. What’s not sustainable is when you measure it in GDP and with our current banking system. We’ve reached the end of the line for that one already because it is fictitious. It is not growth, it is a scam. And real growth has nothing to do with consumption. Consumerism comes from us producing wealth we can use for buying stuff, not the other way around as cornflake economists argue. Consumerism may increase GDP, but as said, that is a scam.

    I dismissed the Zeitgeist movies/movement a long time ago for reasons already mentioned. To be honest I haven’t kept myself up to date, something might have changed, but as I remember it all of arguments was based on already stated facts by libertarians but twisted around to suit a more leftie point of view. But since there are very few sources quoted and if memory serves me correctly, even some facts were wrong. I seem to recall a couple of dates from the first movie that was incorrect.

    When someone hijack statements, arguments and actual facts the real truthsayers have been arguing for centuries and make a “movement” out of it at the same time as some facts are wrong, I dismiss it as a cult more than anything else.

  7. Yes, it was clear. But it doesn't make any difference. Energy is only useful if its net energy profit is positive. There's no point in "drilling" for oil (or any other energy source) if the drilling wastes more energy than the oil that is retrieved can produce.

    Even if there was an energy profit, it's still wouldn't be possible to consume oil forever at an exponentially growing speed. Can we agree on that at least?

    Here's a calculus example: There's 100 gallons of oil in the ground, it grows linearly at 1 gallon a year (by new findings and technology). The rate it is consumed is 1 gallon a year and growing by 10% yearly. Now plot these too functions and compare the curves.

    Alternatives might emerge (and they do). Problem with capitalism is that it's such a slow and blunt system. Sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions are held back by hydrocarbon consortiums and patent holders. Why not bypass that altogether?

    Reading the posts again, I think you and I agree about the core problems but our view of solutions might be different.

    ZM today is very remote from libertarianism and any political affiliation. I didn't like the first movie as I said. The second and third probably is more in line with your own thinking.

  8. Well, I can promise you that oil will never run out, or it never would in a capitalist world at least. We’ve heard doomsday idiots argue that oil and coal will run out for 150 years now; it never has and never will. Just after the turn of the last century they had several big science meetings to address the “problem” with oil and coal. They said that those resources would be gone by the 1920’s; similar things have been said and argued throughout. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. I can stake my life on it.

    So no, we cannot agree on that. We can increase our consumption of oil a hundred fold and it will still not run out for thousands of years. And during that time oil will have become replaced.

    Capitalism is the fastest moving and most dynamic system we know. Sadly socialism dominates the world and has almost always done so in one form or the other. If we had been living within a capitalist world we would already be colonizing space, have access to cold fusion (hardly any oil needed) and there would hardly be any starving on this planet. This is also something I can promise with absolute certainty.

    And ZM is not very remote from libertarianism. All the movies made and all the arguments that hold come direct from libertarians that have said pretty much the same thing for 300 years now. In a capitalist world there would be no such things as central banking, war in Iraq or corrupt regimes that oppress us all.

  9. I respectfully disagree to all these points but time doesn't allow further discussion. Just wonder why you are so sure that oil and coal will last, what are your sources (no pun intended)?

  10. I've already told you. The findings we know of now has been said to last several decades. During those decades we will find more oil and coal and so on and so on. If we were 100 billion people on this planet and increased our usage it might not last forever, but it would last long enough for us to replace it with something else. And so we will never run out.