Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A glass of Vodka, please.

It seems I’m getting it right once again…

I’ve been saying for close to a decade now that somewhere around the first Q of 2010 the worst depression in human history would be a reality. Although I partly have revised this statement because it seemed that the trickery would work for yet another year or so, I do frantically and very amused grab after my bottle when I hear stuff like this:

US Consumer Confidence have plunged from 56.5 to 46.0. This is the lowest since February 1983. Now this is statistics and as such shouldn’t necessarily be taken for face value, but still… this drop is massive, this is the sort of plunge you aspect to see when news about an appending asteroid is cabled out.

Oh, but wait, this funny little excursion into the world of cornflakes and moldy ‘green shoots’ isn’t all there is.

The number of distressed banks in the U.S. rose to 702 in the fourth quarter, the highest level in sixteen years. And please remember, 120+ banks have already failed, poff, are gone. And even funnier, the number seems to increase for every quarter.

And since we know that the added debts to US last year was equal to about 10% of GDP which temporarily have added to GDP, were is the recovery we hear so much about?

Commercial real-estate has just started to implode, and not only in the US by the way…

US unemployment? Still going up, real figure now up at 20%.

But funniest of all, the real kicker that wakes me up at night laughing like a madman is that there’s no leverage left. They cannot do anything more. The borrowing have hit or is about to hit the ceiling, interest rates have been ridiculously low (in reality ‘0’) for a very long time, there’s no money left to do anything with.

The only thing left is the printing press.

The only thing the Federal Reserve can do now is to print, print and print shitloads of money and then pray that the hundred million or so Americans with guns don’t come after them.

And the Obamination?

Well, he could wave that shiny Nobel Peace Prize on TV and try to hypnotize people that all is well at the same time as more babies, women and entire families are wiped out by the US war-machine in Muslim countries.

This isn’t it, not yet, I am still waiting for that light breeze to knock over the deck of cards the enemy class has stacked up, but surely it cannot be far off…

Tomorrow I’m going to buy 50kg of suger and other useful items soon to be very expensive, what are you going to do?


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d9ny39DBSA&feature=player_embedded

  2. The Chinese are going to buy stuff back sooner or later. Or maybe they plan to do low-wage slavery 'til the rest of the world is on it's knees? I mean they don't really have to grant their citizens liberties with that totalitarian government after all.