Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gestapo strikes again

During several strikes based upon claims from a private SS force working for big business within the entertainment industry the Swedish police busted down doors all over the country today 2nd February 2010. The fascists say it was to stop file-sharers sharing information with each other.

Women get raped every day; people get murdered, robbed, stabbed and tortured around the clock. We have international crime syndicates selling drugs to minors, criminal gangs are operating all over the country, and shootings are taking place all the time, but somehow the police are busting down doors at innocent and honest citizens houses because they are sharing music and information. A good priority of tax money?

It is time to strike back people. I know that is what they want, they are just waiting for additional reasons to tighten policies even more, but we cannot let them get away with this fascist crap anymore.

I wish I had the computer skill to hack into and destroy all police data, plant viruses within government computers and reek awoke among all authorities. Sadly I don’t, but maybe someone else does..?


  1. Couldn't agree more.
    I'm worried whether the justice would be there if some day something tragic crime would be done to myself or my family. Where would the priorities be, to solve such a crime or to hunt down people who share files?
    It's just tragic.

  2. Absolutely! Let the police focus on the single most serious crime only, say murder. When all murders have stopped and all murderers are caught, then we move on to the next crime on the list.
    That way, the police wouldn't reach "innocent and honest citizens" until the end of time... ...on the other hand, thieves would also have a field day for quite some time...

  3. If Sweden is anything like the US and UK, corporations write such legislation and grease the already greasy palms of legislators to enact it.

    The secret ACTA treaty is responsible for this - and much else - under the name of copyright protection.