Sunday, February 7, 2010

Conservatism, ideology and Afghanistan

Being reached by the news that Swedish soldiers have died my first reaction is to feel both sad and proud at the same time. Sad over their families, proud over Swedes fighting for human rights and dying while doing so...

But that only last a second or so - my conservative vein beats shortly.

The problems with conservative thinking are; too much nationalism, too much pride over being whatever you are. And that conservative vein also beat to the wing-flaps of history, tradition and Christian values. Unintentionally this leads to the dark side of collectivism and builds that ‘we against them’ feeling.

So after that second or two I realize why the soldiers really died and I get angry.

Angry because we have no reason being there, none whatsoever.

No one has attacked Sweden. No terrorists have bombed our citizens. No Afghanis have attacked our borders.

There’s no democratic government to protect, and the conflict itself is highly questionable on all fronts.

Did you know that there’s still no proof of Alky Aida having anything to do with the 9/11 thingy? There isn’t, not a single one, at least not officially. And if protecting human rights or females being oppressed is the reason, why the hell aren’t we invading and sending troops into Saudi Arabia? Iran? Indonesia? Most of Africa? And can we really argue that we are much better? There’s no problem finding direct violation against basic human rights in Sweden, the US, UK or any other country.

Should we send troops everywhere? Hell, why not? A World War would be fun, don’t you think?

But when you really think about it, what has traditional conservatism to support in this Afghani conflict? Are we protecting democracy? No. Are we protecting traditions, Swedish history or Christian values? No. Do we really have lots of money to throw away at something like this? No. Do we stand to gain anything from this conflict? No. So what then?

If we really had a reason to fight, if we really were at war and not being the aggressive part, I would probably be one of the first to wave the Swedish flag and sign up to protect my country. However, this isn’t the case here. These soldiers died far away in a conflict we have no reason to be involved in.

I also ponder on why so many support the notion of Swedish troops going to Afghanistan. Are we jealous of Americans having all the fun? Have so many idiots really bought the crap media is selling us? And why have so many, from liberals to conservatives, from social democrats to middle-of-the-road pundits in unison got behind this madness?

It seems that the only ones against are socialists (they want to start their own wars) and libertarians. Well, I know there are some others, but I’m talking about groups of people with a certain political persuasion.

And should a true conservative with the tingling fiscally sound bone really be for this conflict? Is it so nice with flag-waving people? Oh, and that national anthem playing with soldiers defending some elusive ‘honor’ while we hear the sound of huge combat-boots stamping away. Does that get that national feeling going? Or? Is this why conservatives love having Swedish soldiers far away in a conflict we have nothing to do with?

Maybe they just feel that war is fantastic? You get phallus shaped rockets and phallus shaped amo fired from phallus shaped rocket-launchers and phallus shaped airplanes. And those phallus thingies go flying through the air making big holes in the sand. When I was in the army I did see them blowing up 5 tons of old ammunition, that mushroom cloud was a sight for sour eyes I can tell you. So I sort of get it, playing with toys that go “boom” is fun shit, too bad some Muslims need to die in the process. Oh well, that can be fun that too. I mean, body parts flying, kids getting their legs cut off, women getting raped, families dying from starvation, millions of refugees. Yapp, great fun...

What are we doing in Afghanistan again?

And the Swedish Defense Mentalist is saying we should get behind the troops. Wtf!? Another American quote stolen to make us proud over dead Swedes? Of course we are behind them and their families, all of us, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot say that the Defense Mentalist is liable, an idiot and should be blamed for the dead.

We shouldn’t be there!

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