Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Church of Climatology

The worshippers of the ‘green’ deity have been drumming out their message of hatred for quite some time now, murdering hundreds of thousands of people by denying them access to cheap electricity and arguing that one single car, according to the righteous bible of the Climate Church, is a much worse thing than millions of starving.

The priesthood – government hired and paid for ‘scientists’ – often working for the UN, have solemnly declared humanity a danger to humanity. Babies are carbon monsters, house-pets are horrible environment-thrashing machines that need to be put down, and anyone not recycling is the devil.

The Great Privileged ones – politicians of the age – only working for themselves, has been imposing taxation, regulations and control to see to it so that no one breaks the code of the Church. Not caring of the environment, but rather for the sake of power-accumulation. But schysch, that is forbidden to talk about.

Sadly for this religion their entire foundation isn’t there anymore. The scientists, looking for approval from the high and mighty, have been found with their hand in the cookie-jar, fiddling the numbers to suit the belief so they can get more money. All the tricksters have been exposed. NASA has been caught lying, the Chinese researches have been casting numbers around and the famous hockey-stick curve is based on the findings of ONE single tree. And the gate’s keep on coming divulging how deep the scam really goes.

The church is in shambles and actual thinking people that have known all along that this is a hoax are laughing at the misery this house of worship and its followers have bestowed on people.

Sadly this religion goes deep into the consciousness of our societies, so the powers that be will still make the best out of it, duping more sheople to give up their independence, freedom and cash to the leaders of this swindle.

How long are you going to let them get away with this crap?

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