Friday, February 19, 2010

Airline of doom – the safer way of flying, and other cautionary tales

At any normal airport we have body scanners, dozens of controls, pictures taken over and over again. There are guards everywhere, cameras covering every crack and safety measures into the absurd. Still, we know terrorists will bypass any security features and more planes will get hijacked. No matter how much they try, there’s always a way to blow up a plane.

Personally I rather fly with a company that allows for guns, bombs and terrorists onboard, just so I can skip all the unnecessary crap that comes with every flight. And if you have a whole plane filled with armed people, they will all carefully watch each other since if one starts shooting everyone would die. The pilot could have a bomb under his seat so if anyone tries to commandeer the flight, it blows up. On such a flight I would feel pretty secure, most likely sleep like a baby throughout the entire voyage.

Speaking of, I want to see a disgruntled train-driver go off the deep end. We’ve seen it at the movies, but strangely not in real life yet.
Where are the original terrorists?

Why not hijack a supertanker and drive it with full speed into a New York harbor? Why does it only need to be planes?

How about inducing a volcano eruption? Why not build a death-ray? Surely there are some super villain wannabees out there?

What I’m trying to say is that planes are so yesterday. Why insist on spoiling the fun for the flying when there are so many other ways of getting a point through. Terrorists need to man up, get some perspectives and use their imagination. How else can we stop travelling altogether?


  1. Must be a much higher risk of being attacked by some maniac in the subway of a random city or being overrun by a car than dying in a flight... So what's next... sharp object detection in subways? Full body scanning? "No sorry you can't go to work with that pencil, can be used as a stabbing weapon...". There are just some things you can't defend against even when taking rediculous security measures. Some paranoid people in charge just need to get over that they can't have 100% control...

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  3. @Peter:
    If I wanted to make money (real or made up…) you’d see ads already. If you haven’t anything real to say, go away.