Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Very busy

In case anyone wonders, I'm highly occupied at the moment. Moving to another country (again) working, stacking up popcorn, hording suger, babysitting, cat-watching, birthdays and, of course, lots of vodka parties that need my attention.

I have however noticed that the scam of economic recovery continues to be told to the general public. I hope you idiots out there don’t fall for this hoax, whether things crashes this year, next year of 2 years from now is not the point, the point is that things will crash and it will make anything you’ve ever experienced before look like a walk in the park. History is in the making people, and you better wake up and smell the manure before the fan gets hit.

The Great Recession continues and just under the surface the biggest Tsunami wave of utter financial despair in the history of mankind lurks, waiting for that trigger that will plunge the world into darkness.

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