Thursday, January 28, 2010

The total picture looks worse and worse

The US coalition of criminals in the Senate have now voted yes to allow the United States to borrow another 1.9 trillion dollars, boosting the national debt ceiling to a historic 14.3 trillion dollars.

To put it in perspective, 1.4 trillion dollars is more than India's gross domestic product.

The wars, the socialist expansions, the fascist regulations as well as a massive injection of newly printed money has exploded government's spending while revenues have shrunk with the economy.

So while all public opinion polls say that the US public is angry at what it views as overspending by Washington the thugs do increase the spending rather than the opposite.

This news coincides with horrible numbers in regards to new orders for manufactured durable goods in December. Although an increase during the x-mas month, it was very slim and a big part of the increase was military orders and military shipments. Seen over the entire year of 2009 the only real positive year/over/year numbers was – ‘defense’, up 5.3% (orders) and 21.0% for shipments, respectively. Nobel Peace Prize my ass…

CPI numbers are on the rise, we’ve yet to see any improvement in unemployment numbers despite all the fictitious government “job-creation” and there’s no end in sight in regards to the wars, quite the opposite actually. Banks are hiding losses up to 60 percent, the real-estate market is still horrible (the commercial sector is yet to crash) and the stock market are overvalued with as much as up to 50 percent.

How can anyone see anything positive going on?

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