Monday, January 25, 2010

The only good thing

As readers of my ramblings know I don’t like the current Swedish government. Too controlling, too many leftie policies, only the fascism comes to communication is enough to despise ‘em, and they’ve adopted and are now selling swindle’s like manmade global warming, feminism and other mad schemes.

However, one thing they actually have done, at least partially, and in contrast to almost every other country in the world, was to ignore pleas for a government take-over and/or massive bail-outs thrown at an automaker, in this case SAAB.

Many tens of billions would have been totally wasted if they had listened to unions and the socialist opposition.

Now the company is about to be bought by a Dutch consortium and Swedish tax payers can be very happy that the repulsive Social democratic leader wasn’t Prime Mentalist during this period in time.

The deal hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the spin-doctors are running the story so I assume it is written down by now.

Only one problem though, both the Swedish central bank and the European investment bank is backing the deal with loans. So when this company crash and burn again, which it should, taxpayers will still pick up some of the costs, but this is still a better deal than anyone could have hoped for. Maybe some jobs will even stay in Sweden? Go figure.

The world has really gone down the crapper when you feel sort of satisfied over only a few billion in losses haven’t it?

I wish the Dutch morons good luck, if they really are buying. I have a hard time seeing SAAB turning things around, but if they close down some factories and build new ones in the Czech republic, conjure up some new designs, lower the prices or something of the sort, then maybe. Besides, a worse owner than GM is hard to find, so a slim hope that the company lives on.

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