Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cold winter is an anomaly?

Apparently climate experts are rushing out to defend their mad ideas now when most of the northern world is experiencing a cold winter. They say that this is an anomaly that will occur less and less when manmade climate change kicks in more and more. Can you say ‘desperate’?

Their lying have been exposed through climategate, NASA have been caught fiddling the numbers, Chinese scientists have been exposed with deceitful statements, research stations have been moved to show the “right” figures, threes and devises showing “wrong” numbers are being covered up or hidden while the very few ones that show the things they want us to believe are being lifted up and shown as the truth.

But even when ignoring all that, we can still not find a single scientific evidence for their claims. Not a single one, no matter what sort of science we use, whether it is math, biology, chemistry, physics or whatever, there’s no proof, nada, zip, zilch, nothing. Still the fraud continues.

I’ve said it before, but I would like you all to take one of their statements, pick any of their claims, then go out and read about it, check it out, you will very soon find out it is incorrect or even an outright lie. So far I have not detected a single exception for this rule, but please feel free to prove me wrong.

If we look at the latest ten years, temperatures are falling, if we look at the latest hundred years, temperatures are increasing, but if we look at ten thousand years, which any real climatologist would say is the reasonable thing to do, it seems that we are heading for another ice-age rather than a warmer period. No worries though, still many hundreds of years ahead of us. So even if you and I can hope we will experience another warm period like during the Dark Ages or the height of the Roman Empire when, among other things, we could grow grapes in the middle of Sweden, that is probably not very likely.

I wouldn’t care so much about this hoax if it wasn’t for two things. Firstly they use the scam to impose more regulations and increase taxation, which is bad enough, but then those actions, and others, make people around the globe suffer. There are hundreds of thousands of people on the brink of starvation, and if not being allowed to or in other way hindered from using the cheapest form of energy, they will die. In essence anyone arguing on behalf of the elitists is in reality arguing for the death of thousands.

And the lefties, I don’t really get them. On any other occasion the socialist automatic response is the mistrust the rich and powerful, but not in this case. The ones standing to gain massive riches and lots and lots of more power if this scheme is allowed to continue are the already high and mighty. Kind of strange, but the lefties are probably hoping to use this trickery to impose their way of governing.
Anyway, there’s a third consequence of this idiocy, namely that everything we do comes to energy becomes more expensive which means that whenever we experience, oh, let’s say, a cold winter, our money goes literarily down the drain, all thanks to the power-hungry politicians that rule us.

So there you have it, we get poorer, more people will die and we give power and money to the already rich and powerful and it is all based on a lie. I suggest you take note of any climatologist or whatnot that are lying to you right now, those people will be laughed at even more than the people who believed that the Earth was flat. In many ways that was a much more believable statement.

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