Friday, December 18, 2009

Something I read...

Commie A: Let’s impose world communism at the point of a gun.
Commie B: No, we tried that and we didn’t get many countries under our influence.
Commie A: Well, we have some countries. Let’s show the world how great communism is by displaying how well the countries we do have operate economically and socially.
Commie B: No, that won’t work either. Every country we ever ran turned into a cesspool of filth where sloth and indolence was the rule.
Commie A: I know, instead of imposing communism directly, let’s impose it indirectly by inventing some impending catastrophe that can only be remedied by a massive redistribution of wealth from those that earned the wealth to those that didn’t. We can base the ruse on the environment. No one will object to remedies that are supposed to help the environment. And if they do, we will defame them in the media and make them look like heartless evil capitalists. Let’s think of a gas that we can put limits on that will give us immense power to regulate and bleed money away from the evil capitalists.
Commie B: What about water vapor? That’s one of the strongest greenhouse gasses.
Commie A: That’s true, but we need a gas that is generated by all of industry and all of the public. It’s got to be carbon dioxide. All people exhale it, all cars and machines that burn fossil fuel generate it, and all farm animals emit it. That’s it. We’ll make everyone have to pay money to emit carbon dioxide.
Commie B: But won’t people complain.
Commie A: No, people are sheep. The bulk of them will believe anything we tell them in the schools and through media. We’ll just publicly shame the rest into submission.
Commie B: Comrade, you’re one smart commie.

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