Sunday, December 6, 2009

Imagine There's No Global Warming

This is just great...

And if you didn’t know it, there’s no proof for manmade global warming, not a single one. Don’t let the elitists fool ya, it’s all about tricking you to pay more taxes and impose more control over our lives.


  1. Proof is only possible in mathematics according to scientific philosophy. so there is no proof that the earth is round.

  2. Actually you can prove the sphere shape of the Earth mathematically as well as with other science. The Egyptians did that several thousands of years ago, apparently lost on you.

    Either way, the manmade global warming thingy has no basis anywhere. There’s no math, no chemistry, no biology, no physics, nothing to support that mad claim, other than in the lunatic brain. The closest I’ve seen is that some reasonably thinking people come up with that there’s a 62% chance that mankind is effecting climate to a degree of 0.00001% (bit unsure on the number of zeroes, I’ve posted the link before, too tired to find it now). And no, those weren’t deniers that were some UN-thingy, you know those people that are lying and changing the numbers to fit their ideas.