Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Follow the money

This is yet another story that our bellowed journalists don’t tell ya about. With a few exceptions nothing of this can be read anywhere within the mainstream media. And this is explosive stuff; this is news no matter how you put it.

As I’ve said before there’s a lot of money up for grabs when it comes to the manmade global warming scam. Among others the biggest robbers of all time, Goldman Sachs, have billions of dollars invested in release-rights and similar trickeries. I could go on and on, counting companies and persons earning or stand to earn huge amounts as long as we buy the warming-theory, but it’s really enough taking a look at a couple of them.

Ever heard the name Rajendra K. Pachauri before? You should know this dude pretty well; the guy is really a busy beaver. Among other things he’s a member of the Advisory Group for the Rockefeller Foundation and Chairman of the Indochina Sustainable Infrastructure Fund, and President of the Asian Energy Institute, but the most interesting thing is his ties to IPCC where he’s a part-time chairman. Read more about this con-artist at The Telegraph or here at Obnoxio the Clown. This isn’t just someone that has a lot of money at stake, he also have a lot of power. Without a doubt he’s one of the world’s most influential people but if the manmade global warming hoax isn’t real? Oh boy…

Interestingly enough Mr Pachauri has a Nobel Prize, which he shared with Al Gore that just the other day claimed that the arctic will be gone in ten to fifteen years. If Al is correct it doesn’t matter what we do, nothing we do during the next fifteen years would stop the ice-caps from melting. I don’t think I need to tell you how much money Al Gore have earned so far or what he has invested in this climate swindle.

There’s been some reports about certain delegates storming out from meetings since they don’t believe the western countries wants to do enough (give them more money that is). But what they haven’t told you from the news is who’s a part of this “storming-out” thingy. Ever heard of Robert Mugabe? You should know this guy very well too; he’s the economic hero of the western world and the financial guru our countries are following as a shining example right now. According to some sources he’s one of the main instigators of the “storming-out” group. And to no surprise other complaining voices are those of dictators Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Oh, the western world isn’t doing enough eh? Huge surprise don’t ya think?

In other words; the hoax continues, and who do you think is the one paying for all of this together with all the limos and private jets? That’s right, you are.

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