Tuesday, December 8, 2009


One of the largest manufacturing and technology companies of not only Sweden, but the world, Ericsson, is laying off people. More than a thousand employees may be forced to leave and this is a hard blow for two small cities in Sweden where the company is shutting down some or all activity.

Another “green shoot” perhaps?

The company follows Sandvik and many other wealth producing corporations that have made similar announcements. The very foundation of Swedish ingenuity and the base of the wealth our politicians like to spread around like bearded x-max heroes is deteriorating. And this at the very same time as the banksters and tricksters are living the good life on our tax money. How about that?

I wonder when you idiots out there are going to realize what dung we find ourselves in. Maybe when the markets crash again, or maybe when the next terrorist attack hits (which isn’t far off now). Either way the real wealth creating is going away, but GDP is still kept up on decent levels thanks to the scams.

I’m not saying this particular news necessarily is bad, the company may very well be doing the right thing and stand better equipped going into the future, however, what I am saying is that this is yet another nail in that producing coffin that will soon be buried along with our prosperity.

Isn’t it time to get rid of the current leftie government and throw out all the con-artist from lofty positions? Isn’t it time to wake up and smell the shit before it hits the fan?

Well, this saved my day at least. It’s fun sitting on all the answers, I can laugh and laugh and….

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