Monday, November 23, 2009

Gestapo does house-calls

In Sweden, just as in many other non-democratic countries, we have speed cameras alongside many roads. The effect of mentioned cameras is that people drive slow-fast-slow-fast, and even if you do so in some concert with the radio, it’s still sort of annoying and makes the traffic move strangely. Another effect is the high costs, the costs are so high that many camera-booths are empty; the surveillance people move the actual camera around, which makes the whole thing into a sort of game, ‘guessing when or if any flashes cometh’.

And as with any law there are ways to go around it. In this case the Sieg Heil people, wanting to send out lots of bills, need both the driver and the car registration-plate on the same picture; otherwise you can refuse to pay. Consequently inventive Swedes pull down the sunscreen, put up a newspaper in front of the face or simply use a mask, and so they can go how fast they want. Me, I usually put up the middle finger if I’m in a hurry, otherwise I try to follow the example seen below.

However, the high and mighty and their prison guards have no intention of letting us off that easy. As a result the police are now doing house-calls, apparently make use of some sort of facial-recognition device or, hilarious enough, use their own judgment depending on things like noose-form, the shape of a ear, or how the beard looks and so on.

In other words, you are guilty, no matter if you were driving or not.

There have also been arguments for that the liability lays with the car-owner no matter what. If this becomes the case I reckon that many cars suddenly will be owned by babies, cats and dead people, something that again will be rectified by yet another law.

To you people out there that haven’t a dying relative in the car or a wife about to give birth, to you I would like to urge to do as been done in this movie or make do with similar solutions. Bring a shoot-gun, a steel-saw or something of the sort and make any post and camera into scrap. I’ve been thinking to collect all of these I can find and drop them off outside the home of some politician. Maybe torch his car while I’m at it, but you’ll find your own way. Since Gestapo will get you for breaking the law no matter what, what’s the diff?

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