Friday, October 2, 2009

Where are the shootings?

To my surprise there hasn’t been nearly enough shootings for me to feel like a true oracle. I have no doubt that more are to come, however, they are long overdue. Maybe with the darkness of fall, no money to buy x-mas gifts and some more comical events will change that? It probably will, I’m not worried, just curious why not more maniacs snap and I’m keeping my own odds about towns, the number of victims and who it will be that run amok.

Also, looking at America, the government needs more excuses to stamp down on gun-rights, consequently I aspect a huge rampage at any moment.

I’ll guess on a disgruntle office employee with a semi-automatic, doing it at his former working place, with 11 dead in the city of Pittsburg. I’m also thinking there will be something in Eastern Europe of the same, not enough killing sprees in those countries. Latvia maybe?

Well, any way, today is a good day for buying more popcorn. More funnies on the way, so I need to be fully loaded for all that hilarious bloodshed.

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