Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When was the last time you fed your vagina?

This is mainly for the females out there.

Aren’t you also tired of the mainstream media and so called sex-experts telling us what is what with our sexlife all the time? And most of the advice supposed readers are getting is just ridiculous. What can’t they just say it like it is – that all people are different and that you need to find your own way.

The female orgasm for example. This elusive bliss is a reoccurring topic among sex-therapists. Often enough they nag about how important it is with foreplay or stimulating clitoris, which mostly is a no brainer and not really a secret. However, that may work for some but by no means by all.

Through my own escapades I’ve encountered females that can only reach orgasm through anal penetration, double penetration and one that only could come if you rubbed her counter clock-wise on clitoris but not the other way. Some cannot get there at all, no matter what - and some women have the cheatiest thing imaginable. I dated one girl that could get an orgasm by just lifting one leg over the other and move her muscles a bit. I’ve also meet a couple of those none-males that can get multiple ones. A girl once told me I gave her 28 orgasm in a row, I felt very happy and proud over being me until she told me her record with a man was almost twice that. She was bi-sexual and had over 100 with another female...

My point, however, is that there is no general answer. You cannot say that you can do it that way, but not the other. You need to experiment and find your horny side. Maybe asphyxiation is your thing, maybe anal adventures; maybe you will never have one.

As any “expert”, no matter what area they claim to be “expert” on, someone that claims to know sex may know something’s, but almost always give general answers that isn’t even suited for the majority, it just sound good. And in our politically correct world they cannot utter things like role-playing rape-games, or that it’s okay to be a whore. Just ignore those idiots and go out and have lots and lots of sex. That’s how you learn. Test things, test your limits and don’t be afraid of trying things at least once. If you don’t like it, fine, go ahead and do something else. But be also worried about those fools that think porn is good education and thinks they can put their dick straight into the rear and fuck your arse without lubrication. You can do that, but it is not recommended. So just because you don’t like that or something else, doesn’t mean you never will like it, your lover may just be incompetent.

I'm still single by the way.

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