Thursday, October 15, 2009

The scam keeps rolling on

The Dow Jones index tops the 10,000 mark for the first time in a year, boosted by better-than-expected results from JP Morgan. US banking giant JP Morgan Chase saw profits between July and September that were much better than expected.
The second-biggest US bank made a net income of $3.6bn (£2.5bn), compared with $527m in the same period of 2008. Later in the week, Goldman Sachs is expected to announce hefty profits.

How about that? The biggest robbers in the history of mankind are showing “profits”. How keen. There are a couple of faults here, of course, but that is largely ignored. Well Bloomberg seem to be catching on slightly and there are some semi-laud libertarian voices here and there arguing reality, but it will most likely not be enough. The crash will happen before any of our enemies “realize it”, just like before. People will get duped again and continue to vote for some fraud that promises change or better living conditions.

But I also found this gem. A mainstream news-station actually arguing and telling the truth!? I was blown away. This little segment is among the most surprising things I’ve ever seen. Are there actual journalists and none-bought media out there? I actually checked the video-clip for tampering, that’s how astonished I was.

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