Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh, great stimulus

The glittery savior of the universe and the messiah of America are contemplating a second stimulus under his watch, which makes it the fourth or so during the last couple of years. The warmongering hairless chimp before him also had a couple of tries of Keynesian madness. However, now this black knight in shining armor is off to save the unemployed with wonderful schemes like possible extensions of unemployment and health benefits

The great orator Obama said Saturday he is exploring "additional options to promote job creation."

Oh why? Oh why, didn’t the first trillions help as much as his holiness had predicted? How can it be? Remember how the stimulus package was necessary to keep unemployment below nine percent?


When are they going to get it?

There is no way out of this mess; there isn’t any money to left! They have already robbed everyone, emptied the treasury and borrowed the country into oblivion. The currency is already printed beyond salvation and the wolves are gathering outside the gates. There is only one way to continue, do the right thing, but, they can always try to borrow more at the same time as they double taxation. And we already know which way these enemies of the people will turn.

And Europe is just a couple of steps behind, well, UK is keeping up with the decline. Maybe some of our elected frauds will take notes and learn something, but that’s as probable as the sun being made out of cheese.

Nothing less of a head on a spike will have a learning effect on these people.

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