Monday, October 12, 2009

Death by government

Even if most people don’t acknowledge it, it’s no secret that government is the main murderer of man. Nothing can even get close. It can be by religious reasons, wars or planted pestilence, but all in all those that rule us, just as before in history, are the ones most likely to kill us.

Take this Swine vaccination thing as an example. In a couple of years from now we will be able to count the people suffering from illnesses or that has faced a fatal event in the hundreds, possibly even thousands. The odds of the vaccine to kill more people than the actual disease is close to hundred percent as it looks today, at least comes to the developed countries. Please keep a close eye on the media, they should be covering this, but you never know. If this prediction is correct, remember who argued for vaccination and if journalists don't write about it, let's give those people a couple of injections of their own...

If the conspiracists are right, and let’s face it, lately they have been right about lots of things; it’s time to start to stack up on those body-bags, because we are going to need them.

It’s horrible to see people line up to get some butcher to put a needle in them, sheople indeed…


  1. jo det är sjukt vilka idioter...

  2. "fatal event in the hundreds, possibly even thousands."
    Jo, det brukar ju dö tusentals människor av vaccin... Not!
    Vaccin räddar miljoner varje år. Nya Influensavaccinet är precis likadant som alla andra influensavaccin som 10 000 svenskar tar varje höst.
    Vet ine vem som är mest tröttsamma, de som är jätterädda vör nya influensan, eller de som är jätterädda för vaccinet. Sverige har blivit ett land med rädda mesar som får moralpanik så fort något händer.

  3. Well even if they will not get killed in more than a thousand by the vaccine itself, the negative long term herd immunological effect in fact MAY kill even more people...

    Evidence of that is that right now some 1000-4000 dies in the seasonal flu in Sweden. In the USA they se an longterm INCRESE in DEATHS caused by the flu during a period where the vaccination programme has INCREASED !

    ”In a commentary on the studies, Professor Paul Glezen of Baylor College of Medicine, Houston said: ”During the period from 1989 to 1997 the vaccination rate for people aged over 65 in the US increased from 30 to 67 per cent. Despite this increase, mortality and hospitalisation rates continued to increase rather than decline as would be expected if the vaccine was optimally effective.”

    That is no surprise for me I my wife Ann-Cathrin Engwall, PhD in molecular cell biology.

    Ni svenskar må läsa mer på min Netdoctorblogg som mer eller mindre BEVISAR att massvaccineringen är suboptimal.[115768]

  4. The German army announced on Monday that it is planning to give its 250,000 soldiers "swine flu" jabs without toxic heavy metals and adjuvants because of growing fears over their safety. According to a report in the Bielefeld "Westfalen Blatt", the German army decided to switch to vaccines without mercury and squalene after doctors warned that GlaxoSmithKline's Pandemrix and Novartis's Focetria "swine flu" jabs with the untested toxins could have "incalculable side effects". Baxter -- the company caught contaminating 72 kilos of vaccine material with the live bird flu virus in Austria in February, so nearly sparking a global bird flu pandemic -- has just announced it is putting onto a market a swine flu jab called Celvapan but in a form that is without adjuvants and apparently also without mercury in response to growing protests inside Germany, especially from the federal states