Thursday, September 24, 2009

UN, late as ever…

Finally the UN reports of the impending starvation disaster in Eastern Africa, something I have been talking about for a year now. BBC reporting.

And it is not just the 20 million or so people in the Horn of Africa, there are many other countries as you can, among other places, read in this post from 1may: Nowish.

Trade numbers continues down, real life pirates are increasing, and the depression keeps going. I predicted almost a year ago that we would see death tolls in the tens of millions within a couple of years, it seems like the UN is finally catching on. Bloody useless idiots.

Maybe you think this is far away and don’t affect your life? Think again, food shortage will come our way down the line.

Started to stack up on those cans and dried-up food packages yet? Better start…

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