Saturday, September 19, 2009

The ugliest expenditure around

Apparently the leader figure of the Swedish opposition, Mona Sahlin, social democrat, has jumped upon a jet to go to a party. Since there is an election going on some people complain over this. A couple of bloggers ridicule the… hum… lady… I think she is one, female that is. A couple of others thinks she is entitled to a bit of fun, mingling together with who’s-who of the Swedish famous-list.

So far I haven’t read anything about the real issue at hand - that tax payers are the ones paying the bills.

Sahlin’s media secretary, Anna Helsén, is quoted saying that this feline is paying for everything herself. But who pays her salary? And Anna’s for that matter? Who pays for the flight? The alcohol? You do! This is the issue, nothing else. No one should care about her pouring alcohol over her brain-cells, might actually be a good thing. And no one should care about a church election, what the fuck is politicians doing in church anyway? However, her blatant disregard for your tax money should be an issue.

Isn’t she a hottie?

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