Thursday, September 10, 2009

The terrorists are winning

Today is 9/11 and in remembrance of the victims of the World Trade Center we are today much less free, more under control and heading towards total autocracy. In reverence of those onboard the planes more wars have been fought, more regulations been passed and travel restrictions are tighter than ever. To the memory of the police and firemen that died at ground zero, new taxes have been imposed; surveillance is closing in on total, and governments everywhere is monitoring everything the people does. We evoke the memory of victims of terror by hindering and stopping humankind’s most fantastic invention, the internet.

Millions of people have died in the aftermath of 9/11, the terrorists resolve has undoubtedly been strengthen, and there is no shortage of new recruits to kill more innocent people. We have given up much of our democratic rights, and hardly any of our basic freedom remains. In effect, one can say, with absolute certainly, that the terrorists are winning.

There are a lot of people believing that 9/11 was a staged attack, possibly by the American government, some powerful banking people or the CIA. I don’t really believe that, the risk would be too great, too many people would know about it, and there is too much evidence showing this was not the case. However, George W Chimp had falling approval rating, and those in power got the perfect excuse to impose a fascist’s wet dream. So in either case, normal people and democracy, as a whole, ended up losing.

The terrorists are beating us. We are losing the war.

America has done what the terrorists wanted. It has become less free. Only the patriot act is a violation of unprecedented degree, and the US are becoming more and more like the police state that we are being told terrorists like. Similar draconian laws are being passed in Europe and it seems like anything can be excused as long as it is disguised as a “war on terror”. Already totalitarian states like China or Iran is claiming “terrorism” as soon as any opposition against the ruling elite pops up, and who can blame them? We almost handed over this argument and if democratic states can do it, why not a dictatorship?

The efforts to make our countries more secure by taking away our privacy rights will not protect us. What will terrorists do if every transaction with an electronic record is tracked? Do you think it will stop them? If we strip-search everyone passing the boarder, have thousands of supercomputers roaming every bit of information, impose restrictions regarding anything remotely dangerous and bomb everyone around us, will that stop terrorists?

One other “war” going on is the war on drugs. Despite dogs and boarder-guards, travel restrictions, constant surveillance, massive media campaigns, and harsh penalties drugs still flow across the boarders without any problem. And if the police happens to catch a couple of bad guys and throw them into jail with steel cages, surrounded by barbed wire, watched by armed guards, getting them drug-tested, strip-searched, X-rayed, and videotaped –they still manage to get in, sell and do drugs. So how can we possibly stop the flow of drugs to an entire nation? We can’t, it’s impossible, and so is stopping a well planed terrorist attack.

There is no problem getting old of a gun, and building a bomb - a kid can do that. Chemical and biological weapons are available for the highest bidder and it’s only a matter of time before the next attack. Terrorism isn’t something new, it’s been around for as long as there has been civilization, so there is nothing new about it either.

Governments everywhere are creating central databases with all of our information in it. And because of this they think they can catch more terrorists. They are wrong. They already had enough information to stop several of the 9/11 terrorists before they committed their terrible acts but they ignored it, or didn’t connect it with other important information. Now they will have hundreds (maybe thousands) of times as much information to sift through. Instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, they will be looking for the same needle in a thousand haystacks. It’s not going to work. The only thing they are doing is crushing what little liberty we have left.

I have always wondered why the American Administration doesn't just blow up the National Archives. None of them pay any attention to the Constitution any way. And we Europeans aren’t any better, and we are more used to being under control, we have it in our blood, and none of the European countries have anything like the US constitution to refer to, we just have laws decreed from above. All a European ruler needs to do is to fool enough people, with the help of the media and other elitists that a certain way of action is prudent, and we are in a dictatorship. This is the road we are on.

So, the terrorists are winning, what can we do about it? Basically nothing except for exchanging rulers, either by election or by revolt. But voting will only put another ruler of the same caliber in place and a rebellion will just make all coup-makers into “terrorists”.

Thankfully, our economies are deteriorating and we are living within the confines of a depression, even if our enemies do their very best to argue the opposite. In the end this may lead to something good, if people finally realize who to blame and what to do.

What we need is more freedom, not less. Smaller governments, not bigger. But what we really need is to fully understand the concept of violence. Most people are against wars wherein armed people face other armed people, but very few are against armed police and military striking down at unarmed citizens. Many people are against aggressive attacks on foreign land, but the very same people have no qualms about the government using the same violence or threat of violence against their own populace. As long as you do not look into the mirror and admit to yourself that you, in fact, are pro-violence and that you want the government to use force against its own people, including against yourself, we can never stop terrorism or wars coming to be. If you don’t see this, ask yourself the following questions. What happens if you stop paying taxes? If you refuse the draft? What will they do to you if you build a house in a certain style, with a certain color at a certain place without the government’s permission? The only way a government can act is through violence or threat of violence. Let me repeat that, you need to understand, the ONLY power a government has is the power of force. As long as you don’t recognize this fact, you are always going to be pro-violence, pro-war and, in affect; pro-terrorism. And this is why the terrorists are winning.

And I hope that more of you realize what they are doing to the free media. Even if you support the war on terror or most of the stuff the government does, don’t you wanna have access to instantaneous information from independent sources just in case? Don’t you want to feel you can read hundreds of papers online instead of being dependent of a few? Please people; don’t let them stop the signal.


  1. Hmmm..."I believe that people on this planet, generally speaking, are a very brainless bunch. Most individuals do not use their intellect, they are not rational and they pretty much believe everything that governments and the political correct tells them. Consequently we are heading for a fall. As before in history, there are dictators waiting in the wings to make the best out of people’s stupidity."

    En av de ABSOLUT viktigaste händelserna som hänt och du har inte fatta NÅGONTING. Anklaga inte de dumma massorna när du själv missat The Big Picture.
    Follow the Money.


  2. We have had this discussion before, and I have explained my position and in doing so never refuted the possibility of this attack being planned and staged in-house. However, I find it highly unlikely and I usually play with the odds if I’m not certain. My thinking goes like this:

    Would Bush, bankers etc. do something like this? YES – 100%

    Did they stand to gain anything from it? YES -100%

    Can they use this to make money or gain power? YES -100%

    Has similar things happened before? YES – 100%

    Are there unanswered questions? YES -100%

    Is the risk massive? YES -80%

    Wouldn’t at least hundreds of people know about it? YES – 70%

    Isn’t the evidence about 30-70 in favor of the general explanation? YES – 50%

    Doesn’t any whistleblower stand to gain a fortune? YES -20%

    What do always win between greed and a possible plot? GREED -10%

    So there you have it, I regard this to have an about 10% chance of being a staged attack.

    The only thing really pointing in the conspiracy direction is the refusal to answer certain questions and the constant bombardment against the “truthers” as being nuts, which I normally would take as a sign they aren’t. Otherwise, give me the evidence for it. For every video pro-conspiracy, there are two facts arguing against it. For every expert there are 20 on the other side. Eye-witnesses are totally unreliable after such an event.

    But the main argument, no matter what you, or anyone else, claims, is the fact that so many would know about it and so many would stand to win/gain a fortune if they came forward. And then you have the massive risk. IF this was staged, and the public got to know about it, that would be it. Their power quest would be over. I don’t think they would take such a risk.

    At the most, the only think I might find likely is that someone(s) (a very few number of people) turned a blind eye and “let it happen”. A plan and a plot? No.

  3. Förstå att det inte finns ngr "terrorister".
    Det finns inga arga , militanta muslimer som hotar Usa och västvärlden. Som du själv tar upp är det mesta eliten/makten gör är för att skrämma befolkningen, allt för att få den foglig och underkuvad.
    Skall bli intressant att se din "analys" av nästa Cia attack i världen eller kanske på amerikansk mark igen.
    Fortsätt med en bra blog men gör dig själv en tjänst, öppna ögonen och följ pengarna.


  4. That depends what you mean by ”terrorists”. There are a lot of people, call them terrorists, fundamentalists or whatever, that do want to bomb or in other ways hurt US as well as other Countries. This is not in question, well, obviously by you for some reason…

    However, you have a point, the scaremongering and exaggeration is extreme and the threat isn’t near that level we are being told either. And yes, it’s mostly about scaring us to buy newspaper, to buy the crap politicians tell us and so on.

    Also, I have already written several times that there will be more terrorist attacks, and that one or two this time probably will be fake. 9/11 was probably not though, just because I do follow the money I can say that. And since money does not lie, I find it highly unlikely that a couple of hundred individuals would keep quiet or that our enemies would risk it all through such an attack. Nope, I don’t buy that.

    And please do me a favor, if you have anything on the subject that will contribute to this discussion, please argue for it or present it. I have, apparently in contrast to you, read, watch and learned about this particular event. I cannot be absolutely sure because, as said, there are some question marks, but the odds aren’t in your corner.

  5. Just read the 9/11 Commission Report.
    Just do it.




  8. I actually have to agree with daft, an inside job is way more likely, especially in light of historic events. its the oldest trick in the book.