Sunday, September 6, 2009

Number 1 blog - facts and science

I’m very tired about this Swiney flu scaremongering. I have debunked most of the stupidities our lazy, profit-chasing morons of the press have written so far, if you like, you can find those among my earlier postings.

However, something I have urge you all before is to visit Junkfood Science. This site/blog is, according to me, one of the best sources, and the home of one of the easiest to read text about medical science you can find.

In this post, Sandy Szwarc, again tells the truth about Swine Flu, how it is, act and affect us according to SCIENCE, not according to journalists.

Please bookmark this woman and her blog. It is very hard to find anything better, not just regarding Swine Flu, but also all other things journalists want to scare you with.

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