Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Internet is under attack as usual

Well to no surprise another bill is suggested to give the American president authority to turn of the internet. And to no surprise whatsoever, the main person behind the bill is Senator Jay Rockefeller. How keen and who could have seen that coming… oh wait... I did…

This is another topic I keep coming back to because it’s almost as serious as the economic debacle we have. Our enemies wants to control, monitor and have the power to not only knowing exactly what we do online, but also to be able to shout us down if the urge for it pops up. The totalitarian states of China and Iran have shown us that it can almost be done and the more countries and organizations that follow the more effective the ban would be. So please believe me, this is just the start of this development, it’s just the infancy. You think IPRED is bad? You haven’t seen anything yet. You think that only people in tinfoil hats predicts a massive intrusion into our very homes? Think again. Already 20 000 people in the UK is under 24/7 surveillance in their own homes, how long do you think it will take before everyone is? In many ways we already are.

Maybe you don’t think that this can happen in your country, but what if some “cyber-terrorists” knocks out police stations all the time and what if “pedophiles” keep topping the headlines, wouldn’t you feel safer if politicians have control of things? How about online bullying, porn, weapons, drugs and so forth? The possibilities for our enemies to conjure up “reasons” are endless and as usual you, the idiots, will believe every last bit of crap they rub in your face.

I also believe that this development needs to happen pretty fast since the world economy will falter very soon and the extra control functions need to be in place before that happens. Exactly as I have been completely accurate when it comes to our economic situation I have been spot on comes to government and the internet. We are walking on a very slippery rope over a cliff with the deepest abyss in the world below us and hardly any of you idiots are complaining about, in fact, you seem to want to fall down.

You have doomed your children and grandchildren’s economic future and now you want to take away the only freedom that’s left in the world. Oh, such faith you are leaving as a legacy. I hope you are very proud of yourself looking into that mirror.

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