Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to know you're libertarian

I have seen lots of my fellow opinion makers within Gorgon Brownies borders stating this or that is a good sign of being a libertarian. Even though I tend to agree with many of those, I need to add in my own contribution.

Watching that creator-of-stupidity-machine conveying some useless so called entertainment, I noticed a teaser for that “House”-show, you know that obnoxious doctor that always fixes peoples problem and cures the ill while pissing off everyone around him.

I never understood why people find that House-character funny or special, to me he is what a doctor should be. A doctor should cure sickness, help people and find out what’s wrong with those he’s there to help. A doctor should not spend time with bureaucracy, or even be nice about things. I don’t give a rat’s ass whether a doctor is “nice” or not, just fix my damn problem. If the doctor is professional in what he does and repair whatever problem I might have, he can call me idiot, fat, stupid, moron or anything else. Who the fuck cares? I don’t go to the doctor to get a feel-good peoples person that pats me on the back, if I want that I’ll go to a hooker.

Basically, if you feel the same; namely that people should carry out their job and do it well, all else be damn. If you do, you too have a libertarian viewpoint.

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