Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The continuation of lies

While leftie media continues to ignore why Barack Obama is dropping in polls and how an already horrid situation in the US is getting close to catastrophic, the Tea Party Express keeps gaining momentum. For every stop the protesters grow in numbers and more and more people that never even been to a rally before join their ranks. The movement culminating towards 9/12 - a date that so far also has been ignored by almost all media.

So, of course, our bellowed journalists, more deceitful than ever, also ignore how the Great Leader attempted to indoctrinate school children. Every news station and almost every paper is focusing on “the Obama hatred” or “Right-wing extremism”, not the speech itself, and hardly even mentioning the purpose of even holding a speech.
I wonder what would happen in my birth nation, Sweden, if either the current Prime Mentalist Fredrik Reinfeldt or any of the socialist leaders in the opposition would have done anything like this. I believe that the outcry would have been massive and even pussy assed feeble minded Swedes would have considered pulling their kids out of school, sent angry letters around, and the media would be questioning such action day and night. So how come media, regarding Obama’s speech, is ignoring all the relevant protests and not one negative comment can be seen or heard? And when listening to his speech, it’s almost pure propaganda, and then he actually changed it beforehand since there was so much protesting. If you read this post that I wrote a week ago, you may understand how the agenda really looked.

It’s very similar how media is always reporting in Europe about the US.

America is, apparently, filled with redneck religious freaks and people are dying on the streets because they don’t have healthcare, and then, opposing that evil are a progressive movement with a black hero leading them towards the European model of prosperity. On one side we have Klu Klux Klan, gun-toting maniacs, rich tycoons, bible-thumping weirdoes, and Fox News. On the other side we have calm and reasoning normal people only wanting healthcare for everyone, a decent school system and equal rights. One side is right-wing people spreading hatred towards the president, the other side tries to save the economy. This is what media is trying to sell us, and what many Europeans believe is a correct image of the US. Our enemies have spread these sorts of lies for a very long time.

I have always wondered why true socialists buy this crap when they almost always mistrust everything else lying journalists says. Probably because it reinforces their image of the US as evil incorporated.

Please people, go out and get the information by yourself. As long as the free media still exists and our draconian internet-laws haven’t yet expanded into total control, you can find the truth out there, don't rely on any mainstream media.

Here is one of many protests on camera, this time without democrats hiring thugs fighting and yelling. There have been violent incidents (all those actions have been from democrats and their supporters) and normal people wanting their voices to be heard have been thrown out of auditoriums or even stopped from coming in because they want to protest or have the WRONG COLOR! You will never hear or see such facts in European media.


  1. haha, oooookey... someone has high thoughts of himself.
    one link to another source of information, and that being fox news, and then talking about free media. mmmkay.

  2. Well, yes I do.

    That link is just to show the alternative. I don't like Fox either, but they do, however, show and report things the regular media does not.

    Free media is refered to as blogs and alternative sourches, not Fox or any other newschannel. Maybe that wasn't clear enough, I should have realized that idiots don't understand everything you do not spell out in capital letters.

  3. My god, this must be the most stupid and idiotic thing I have ever read in my life. You were either dropped on your head when you were born or your parents have brainwashed you with republic propeganda all your life.

  4. I actually don't know if they dropped me on my head, cannot remember that.

    However, I'm not a republican. In fact, I despise republicans almost as much as democrats. Same shit, different name.

    Brainwashed? Well, if I am I couldn’t really tell you, because that would be a contradiction. I do, however, rely on alternative media and I never take anything anyone says, no matter who they are, for the truth. I would argue that is the complete opposite of being brainwashed, but maybe you have another definition?