Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beyond anything cartoonish

My BS detection device is up and running and working to its full capacity this evening, although just hours ago I thought the news were kind of boring. I went away from my computer for a couple of hours, got back, and lord and behold, so much BS I don’t even know where to start.

Well, let’s pick off with those hilarious tricksters at the G20.

Seldom have our enemies shown their true colors in brighter fashion than during the last couple of years, and at the very pinnacle we can find froggy Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sárközy de Nagy-Bócsa, the Obamination of the US, Gordon “I’m the worst leader in history” Brown and the rest of the scoundrels dining for our money at the G20 madness.

During a couple of decades we have dug ourselves into a debt crisis that according to all the facts and the simplest of mathematical equations cannot end until we change the way we do things, but in steps the madmen that are largely responsible for creating this crisis and, of course, immediately start borrowing, printing money and goes out on the mother of all spending sprees. In effect digging the hole much deeper and worsening the situation. We could have had a small depression and then been on our marry way, but nah, we cannot have that, instead we have inflated the bubbles into a final Judgment Day scenario.

So what do our great and omnipotent leaders have cooking this time? Well, the frogs are yelling about a Tobin-tax, the Chinese have just declared they too are going to follow the cerebral edema of lies that makes up “climate change” so we can expect some more schemes to cut energy usage in order for more millions of poor people to die. That no evidence of manmade climate change exist is, of course, ignored.

This week's G20 summit in the US will also call for major reforms to promote a more balanced global economy. In political language this means more politics, more regulations, and more control over us mere mortals in the hands of the übermench. A document is, apparently, suggesting that rich indebted countries, such as Britain and the US, should save more while cautious and savings-oriented nations such as Germany and China should increase spending.

Detailed average-leveled imposed doctrines in true socialist manner.

I also learned that the EU is putting together some fine little groups to “monitor” certain markets, in order to, and I quote, “See to it that no financial crisis emerges ever again”. When I saw and read this, I nearly laughed myself out of the couch. This is spectacular!

And Evil Incorporated, Goldman Sachs, is putting good use to all those stolen money they have, buying more companies. What, most likely, are the biggest robbers in the entire history of mankind, are putting all that wealth into play and buying other companies at a penny for a dollar. And since these guys, together with other fraudulent and criminal banksters, is the other big pile of masterminds that created this crisis, it makes this entire design the stuff of fiction. You couldn’t make this stuff up, its way beyond anything ever seen on the cartoon network.

During all this we also learn that the froggies have more fascist-cards to play, putting into place one of the world’s hardest internet restrictions, to some extent even surpassing dictatorial regimes. As I have stated many times over, FRA, IPRED and all the other funnies was just the beginning, when all is said and done, the internet as we know it will be no more.

I’m very happy to be alive during these years, because when potential survivors in the future are summarizing these events, they will point to all this madness and regard it as the most significant changes of human life on this planet, ever. I’m not sure whether or not the end result will be positive or not yet, probably negative, but what I am sure of is that there are very shaky and very bloody couple of years ahead of us.

Fun fun fun…

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