Monday, August 17, 2009

Masters of puppets

One of this world’s most formidable foes, Goldman Sachs, have gone out and claimed that the recession is over. Goldman Sachs is the financial institution that not only squandered away tens of billions; they also needed a bail-out which they, through side-channels and subsidiaries, tunneled into their book keeping, and presto: got black numbers. Then they claimed to be able to pay back the money the American tax payers had given them, showing a profit. Meanwhile their old companions and former employees are sitting at the white house rubbing their hands together. Lex Luthor couldn’t have done it better.

Of all the fraudulent banksters and out of all the evil institutions of this world, Goldman Sachs is at the very top. How can anyone even consider listening to one of the banks that never got it right and would, by any reasonable marketing ethics been bankrupt a long time ago? And their spokesperson: Abby Joseph Cohen. How can anyone listen to her? This woman has never been right. I have actually looked, I couldn’t find a single time when her predictions were correct and even worse; the reality ends up being the complete opposite of what this horrible woman predicts. In fact, one of the best financial advices you can take is to listen to this she-devil and then do the complete opposite. How many billions haven’t this leaching succubus ring mastered out of investors? 1999, 2000, 2001 and so forth until last year when the predictions was off again with so much that any reasonable institution would fire her and all around, but she is still here and media still quote the bitch. And now she says that the recession is over? Oh, I feel so safe…

What in the all blazes of hell and snowy armpits of Santa is media doing? In Sweden they continue to refer to Swedbank as a having a good measure of when the recession is over. Swedbank is the worst of all banks whose economists should be burned alive, hacked into pieces and feed to wild swine flu piggies. And now media quote and refer to evil incorporated and their head black-widow as someone to listen to regarding the economy. How do they get away with this crap? Don’t you people out there realize what these gangsters are doing? They are robbing you blind and Muhahaha:ing into the sunset while the depression keeps going and the media says everything is fine.

And not a single newspaper, even if one or two British and American have so so tried have said anything correct - with one exception: Pravda, go figure. They still ignore all those people that have been completely spot on and not only predicting the recession, but also pinpointing details. Instead they pick up GDP numbers from a hat and throw them out among the audience like it’s a handful of pixie dust - “You feel sleepy, and you believe that the recession is over. GDP have been manipulated, but ignore it”. And then they throw a cloak of invisibility over financial markets and tell us: “Hey everybody, jobs aren't leaving as fast anymore, hoooray!”. What kind of bizarro world are you duped idiots living in? How many times are you going to let these pranksters pick your pockets? How many times will you let them wave shiny objects in your face while they are stealing your car and house? When is it enough?

When two of this world’s worst run financial institutes say the recession is over and the demon bitch from hell Abby Joseph Cohen is standing in front of media claiming the same, you know we are royally screwed. In fact, I take it as a sign that the next wave of the depression is even closer than I thought. I have predicted that the next wave will hit us close before x-mas or somewhere around February/Mars 2010, but now I wonder if it will not hit sooner.

There is enough information out there, so anyone of you that isn’t prepared for what is coming, you idiots deserve everything you get.

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