Friday, August 14, 2009

Facing evil head on

While our enemies remain determined to enforce fascist laws regarding the free media Germany's Central Council of Jews, the country's leading Jewish organization, have announced that it now backs a proposal to publish a new edition of "Mein Kampf,". Hitlers little thingy have been banned in Germany along with nazi-saluts and the swastika for over 60 years. This “controversial” view is seemingly partly a practical solution since the book can be bought in several neighbouring countries and found online, and partly it is an expression of free speech. Of course this is a much better standpoint than outlawing people from expressing themselves. Also, one needs to wonder why those (in part) fascist symbols aren’t allowed when communist and socialist symbols are. I have actually read Mein Kampf and if you ever have or do, you too will come to realize what a piece of crap that is. To me that shapeless stupidity stand as a testimate for Hitler’s madness and as such it should be read, just as the communist manifesto and other expressions of pure hatred. We should not hide from evil, rather confront it, debate it, and, if necessary, expulse it.

In the US of A there are some crack-pots, just as in many other countries, that regard Hitler as a prophetic figure. Sadly those people are, as usual, mentioned together with conservatives and libertarians. However stupid such a notion might be, it does not matter to leftie journalists that has a reason to "expose" the collective "right”. The left-right notion has nothing to do with reality were people like libertarians and Tree-huggers are very hard to place. But there are also anarchists to both the “left” and “right”, and one can probably have a hard time placing several other groups like feminists or environmentalists. However, somehow this Hitler-loving pile of freakozoids has combined a belief in God with some American constitutional rights and this earns them “extreme-conservatives” or some other similar label. Hitler, not really a fan of either property rights or freedom of speech, socialized larger parts of the German economy, just like Mussolini did and other fascists argued then and also have on the agenda today. Those fascist movements kept some “big” companies or institutions in private hands, which are one of the many strange reasons lefties regard it as a “right”-ideology. Laughable at best, that notion has still managed to gain rots within societies all across the world and journalists never loose a single moment to trash right-wing parties or persons for this “connection”. Even if one can find some slim relationships between conservatives and fascist (mainly the nationalistic vain), it is much harder, downright impossible, to find any connection to libertarians or anarcho-capitalist. But they still try it.

Recently a huge, and growing, movement against the Obaminations fascist policies (and yes, they are fascist seen to the economy) have been under attack. Not only does leading democrats claim to see swastikas among demonstrators, they also play the racist-card over and over. “It’s only because he is black” is a reoccurring sentence we are being told. Here is a real fact for you; it is not because Obama is black we loath and despise everything he does, it is because he is an idiot and a very dangerous idiot at that. Policies, laws and actions taken by the Obaminations administration has been the opposite of what need to be done, very often purely un-constitutional and, as said, very close to fascist solutions. I already know several will accuse me of doing the same as I claim the lefties are doing, putting Obama together with the fascist ideology, and they are sort of right, I do, but I do it because it is correct. Pick up a history book and/or read about fascism. Check what they wanted to do, did, and still want to do with the economy and society. If you do not find striking similarities, you are not able to read and consequently, most likely, went to a public school.

There is another group of perverted people calling themselves ”the birthers” that claim that the Obamination is not even born in the US, but in Kenya. Despite overwhelming evidence they stick to that belief conjuring up some conspiracy to back their claims. It is hard to take such people really serious and since such a “conspiracy” would involve hundreds (most likely thousands or even tens of thousands) of people to really be working I can only ask those Birthers to get a life and complain about real issues instead. And besides, who the hell cares if the Obamination is born in Kenya, Hawaii or on Mars. It’s his policies and leftie ways we should care about. But, of course, also these people get clustered together with “the right”.

Anyway, back to my original idea about facing evil head on. Like William Kostric, one American that stood up for his right to bear arms and did so at a meeting attended by Barack Obama. Leftie news reporters immediately jumped on the chance to misscredit and bully, which did not take, Mr Kostric remain determined and hold his ground. If more Americans were as like that, the mess wouldn’t even exist. And the Jews in Germany's Central Council of Jews is also doing the right thing, facing evil, not running, not re-writing or attaching labels that do not exist, but standing up to it, and stare it right in the face. Sometime in the future this is what many people need to do. Evil comes in many different forms, but almost always, it is some slick well-spoken advocate of collectivism that tries to take us down that murderess road, and this can be a white man as well as a black one.


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