Sunday, July 19, 2009

Of course they will

First our enemies’ band together to force through laws, restrictions and such to hinder free information flow. At the same time they create even more laws with the purpose to monitor and control the populace. Then they start to talk about registration policies and banning of certain phenomenon, like blogs, and now there is talk about how news and reports online might be subjugated to payment. Don’t get me wrong, if newspapers and the rest of the media want to charge people to read/see their stuff, I see no problem. But do you really think they will let the free media exist if that happens? Do you really think the laws and such will not expand to incorporate even, let’s say, your blog..?

Am I the only one seeing this unfolding?

Please remember we are in a depression and this will last for a very long while. There are dictators popping up like mushrooms in South- and Latin America. The former Eastern block is starting to look less and less like “former”. Almost the entire continent of Africa is totally screwed. In Europe we are rekindling the glory days of the 20’s and 30’s, only those funny little men in power is missing. North America is not coming to the rescue this time since the Obamination is ruing life on that continent. Several Asian countries also have their problems so basically there is nowhere left to run.

Where are those Alien invaders when you need ‘em?

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