Monday, July 6, 2009

It’s time for freedom loving people to rebel

The only thing that is left to do in our current situation is to take to arms and throw out the oppressive class and there is not much time left. The depression is growing, unemployment is growing, deficits are growing, inflation is growing (soon Weimar proportions), regulations are growing, and every day your liberties are taken away.

Sadly enough, as usual, it is the collective forces of the socialists that keep clashing with the police, burning cars and starting riots. As most people I feel appalled by those actions and there has been more than one occasion when I have openly stated that the police should maw those idiots down. The lefties of this world have nothing to complain about, socialising is the norm and every time the government feel the urge to do something it aims to limit political freedoms, impose more laws and restrict civil liberties. There is not a single country in this world that can be regarded as a safe heaven for those looking for justice and peace and with this depression growing the only solution governments seems to have is more regulations.

We will see riots, violent behaviour and dead people also in our part of the world because when people have lost everything, have nothing else to lose, they lose it. The problem is that, once again, those rebelling will mainly be those that want more of the same stupidities that caused our problems in the first place. So it is time for normal people of this world to realize what is going on and take appropriate action. It is not wrong to start an upraising, what is wrong is to do it for the wrong reasons and afterwards putting the same (or worse) brainless regime back into power. The Russian revolution was not wrong, it was not wrong for Cubans to rebel against Batista, the French and the American Revolution was not wrong, and it was not wrong for Iranians to throw out the Shah. However those revolutions (with the American as the exception), in addition to many others, was based on the wrong principles and brought even worse regimes. The majority of people that actually do want to emancipate themselves need to be the ones getting rid of the autocracy otherwise we will leave the playing field open for warmongering fascists or tyrannical communists and nothing will have changed.

The socialist Chinese government have been killing of protesters in the Xinjiang region lately, once again setting an example for Europe and other places, just like they are the ones to follow regarding internet restrictions. The religious fanatics in Iran are doing the same thing towards their people. Those events, however, are nothing close to the coming food riots and massive protests marches we will see in our part of the world much sooner than you think. Before this happens those of you that actually can form a coherent thought need to make a decision – will you once again let the socialist and fascists roam free without you saying anything? Or will you back a free movement and take to the street as a true champion of justice? Whatever you choice will be, please remember to get a gun. You are going to need it. If not for attending the rebellion, at least for fending off robbers and looters.


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