Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can I have a burger please?

It is not that uncommon that trains run over wild animals or even domesticated beasts that end up on train tracks, but sometimes things get a little bit out of the ordinary. Apparently 14 cows were run over by a train outside the Swedish town Ljungskile. About ten survivors could be saved from this event. However, the story does not reveal if this was a case of Mad-Cow disease, and it is not clearly stated whether or not this was an accident or if the cows intentionally walked into the light...

However, the most interesting thing about this story I found in the sub-headline (conveniently shared between several papers…) saying: “Plötsligt stod en hel kohjord på spåret. Tågföraren hade inte en chans.” Which roughly translated means: ”Suddenly a whole herd of cattle’s was on the tracks. The driver didn’t stand a chance”.

Now, maybe I misunderstood something, but did the driver also die?

And is it just me, or do anyone else get really hungry reading about this?


  1. Elisabeth HammarbergJuly 29, 2009 at 4:38 AM

    What a disgusting way to relate to this event.

  2. Jaha du har verkar ha relativt grava psykiska problem. sök hjälp. Hur man kan tycka att det är jättekul när kor dör är svårt att förstå. Men troligen handlar det mest om att du vill verka tuff och macho, vilket sin sin tur bara är tragiskt. lev väl.

  3. Gyyyyd. Ball kommentar! Lite kor hit och dit spelar ingen storre roll.

    Medium rare please!

  4. Come on people, this is hilarious stuff.

    This is as fun as some idiots claiming that Prime Mentalists Fredrik Reinfeldt belongs on the right side of politics. It is cows, massacred by a huge 100+ tons train, rendering any kind of identification impossible since body parts are scattered all over the countryside. One just gotto laugh at something like this.