Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The safest places

In several American states it is legal to carry firearms at public schools and universities. Now seemingly Texas is following this shining example and is going to permit the same. This is great news for those living in Texas. If any of those madmen going on a rampage shooting at people tries it at any of those schools, he won’t last very long. This is of course the best way to scare off and stop potential criminals. Most governments however won’t allow this kind of protection since it always needs to be the government that comes to the rescue. If people can defend themselves, what do we need government for? So self-defence is a huge nuisance in the eyes of politicians and if some idiot with a machine gun massacre defenceless people it's a good thing because scared people turns towards the state to get help and protection.

I hope more American states takes after those shining examples and that we in the future do the same all over Europe. Not only criminals should carry guns, law-abiding citizen and students should do to.


  1. if u read this laws they wont be able to use guns for their portection anymore...

    HR.45 and HR.1022... obamas Guncontroll repektive obamas gun bann..

  2. I know. But I actually do not think all states will obey and certainly not all people. Hopefully a rebellion soon.