Thursday, April 30, 2009

Increasing kill ratio day

Today in many parts of the world the lefty’s takes to the street in rallies against poverty, injustice and other things they themselves have created. This is the bloodiest of all days, a day that should be a reminder about holocausts, death-camps and wars the socialists have created and keeps creating. Instead people with intellect barely corresponding to their shoe size prance around like magnificent horny peacocks waving their bloodstained flags around like Gulag never happened. If one does not count religion as an ideology, all the -ism to the left (socialism) are the most horrific things mankind ever conjured up. Not only do we have the pure National Socialism and communism which have murdered hundreds of millions of people, we also have the “lighter” form of socialism which is pretty much the same as fascism and probably is responsible for even more deaths than the purer forms. This because the policies of big governments is the main reason for poverty and starvation and more people dies from unnecessary starvation and regular oppression than from wars and death-camps.

Undoubtedly these black-hearted destroyers will blame the ‘market’, the rich and some elusive forcers for unemployment and the financial crisis. They will also argue for more government, more restrictions, more control and more regulations. Like this authoritarian world haven’t enough of that already. Hiding their malicious evil behind beautiful words like “equality”, “justice” and “solidarity” they will also say we all must come together and work for a better future. Of course never mentioning that what they really are talking about is that some should be more equal than others, that justice should come from the state and that solidarity is going to be forced upon people.

So those of you out there that actually have a brain, do as I normally do. I usually walk past one of these rallies and start sending out thoughts remembering and honoring all the dead, raped, molested and tortured that have fallen victims under those red flags. It do not help those already dead or the needy in the world and I’m not religious, but it still feels good “sending a message” instead of puking and get horrified over all those murderess lefties wanting to increase the kill ratio even further.


  1. You are to political debates what El Quaida is to Islam. An unreconstructed partisan utterly ignorant of history, politics and commonsense. Just the very fact that you repeat the most recent rightwing fantasy that the Nazi movement was a form of leftwing socialism proves that you are in league with holocaust deniers as even the most basic knowledge of Fascism or Nazism would tell you that they are rightwing extremes created by the elite to attract the type of ignorant fools from what Hitler called the lumpenproletariat' that is regular people so ignorant of their own position in society or of the history of social evolution that like you they will fight against their own interests in the name of the elite and support their war on the masses through repression to destroy the left and its leaders through concentration camps and death squads.
    Hitler hated jews and the left equally even creating a name for the two as though they were one 'jewish Bolshevism' and during the 1920's and 1930's the Naxis fought with the communists in the streets of Germany as the rich, that is capitalists like Henry Ford (Ford Motor Co.) and royalty supported Hitler who shared their belief in the ubermensch (overclass) and Untermensch (lower classes.
    The Nazis built their first concentration camps for the left, Union leaders, Communists, Anarchists BEFORE they started putting Jews and other in them and for Hitler the war in the west was a side show as most of Germanys war potential was needed to destroy the communist threat to the East whose russian people despite the terrible tyranny of Stalin understood that Hitler wanted to wipe them ALL out.
    When the Ukrainians welcomed the German troops as liberators thay were slaughtered anyway as racial scum and began the partisan resistance movement (called 'terrorists' by the Germans like Hamas are today) that severly weakened Hitlers forces in the East.
    You know nothing about this most basic and unarguable fact and it is like up for down or black for white. You are spreading utter ignorance and blind hatred but then what could one expect from any man of your age who prides himself on watching Buffy.
    yours Vlad-Drakul
    Ps By the way in the last 100 years it has been western global capitalism that through the plunder of third world riches (Gold, uranium, Diamonds. oil etc), military aggression (Iraq, Vietnam, Angola, Afghanistan, Algeria etc, etc, etc) that have managed to kill, more through starvation by economic global oligarchy IMF etc, than either the Communists (far left) and the Fascists (Far right) and it is a fact that it has always been the democratic left that gave regualr men AND women and immigrants the right to be treated as human beings. Social democracy died with Olaf Palme which is why he was murdered by the right (Navy, Carl Bildt and the US CIA) the day before he was to go and meet Gorbachov at a time when he (Olaf Palme) understood before either Reagan or Thatcher (Who needed Olaf dead as he was an effective leader and critic of US wars etc) that Gorbachov was a man to be trusted. Never forget the the USSR dissolved itself PEACEFULLY a first in history for such a large empire and proof that even communists could evolve and learn. BUT not you!

  2. I was going to add something about this, just because I already know what the normal response is. Too bad I didn’t. Anyways as normally the reaction is two; on one hand this pro-murderer ignores that Hitler tripled taxes and the governments size, that the National Socialists stand for people being dependent of the state and that everything they did and still stand for is about socialization and planed economy. On the other hand this man claims that the wars and all the poverty are thanks to capitalism. Also the normal response. But did you notice that not one single thing is about disproving my writings? It is all about attacking me as a person and blaming something else for socialisms mistakes. This always happens, it never fails. I think I have never met a single leftie that doesn’t respond in this way.

    Around 150 000 000 people died directly from the things socialists did the last century and they cant still come up with a better answer than saying it was capitalisms fault and that a man and his left party that tripled taxes, introduced higher pensions and social security in Germany actually was “right wing”. It is kind of sad.

    How many more hundreds of millions that has died because of hunger, poverty and other things that comes with big government is hard to calculate. But this ‘anonymous’ fellow have nothing against spitting on their graves. He doesn’t care about all those victims, all he care about is trying to put me down and rearrange history to his liking so he can watch himself in the mirror without reflecting over his own bloodlust.

    This is socialism is its true glory and I say thanks to this ‘anonymous’ in proving my point. How many more will die under those red flags?