Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The flu poll - Cutest ever thingy flu is the winner!

My latest very scientific poll shows what I suspected; it is the cutest things we need to be on the lookout for next. I am a bit surprised that only 5% of you believing Polar Bear flu will be the next big thing. As I mentioned in my earlier post this would be environmentalists and politicians absolute favorite thingy. Just imagine people dying from Polar Bear Flu while newspapers show melting glaciers and some people from the enemy class is crying about the: Polar Bear revenge!

But you people did choice the right animal. Journalists will hardly do their jobs and check facts (they never done it before) and politicians only want to scare us, but if this animal is carrying the next mass murdering virus even triumphing the Swine flu (wow!), who doesn’t want it? I mean just look at that thingy… awwww… I dare anyone out there to turn down a sickness from this cutie….

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