Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You will never know…

The absolute worst thing about being able to think rationally and being able to connect the dots is that there are so few people that actually understand the easiest basic truths. And I get it, I get it why so many of you ignore the truth, because you are happier not knowing. The bliss that comes from ignorance is almost like a high and the truth is like withdrawal.

For those that is using the brain it is painful and horrifying experience and it hurts to the very bones when you find out that your friends, neighbors and family delightfully live as slaves. And it is even worse when you realize that they actually want to be more enslaved and when they eagerly applaud pure fascism your heart is about to break. And those who are supposed to monitor what’s going on, journalists, is stamping along with the same brainless tune. No one listens to your protests. You argue that high taxes put restraints on evolution and ingenuity; they tell you that the poor needs help. You tell your friends that everyone deserves to be free and live their own lives, but your friends say that greed and self-interest need to be regulated. You try to tell your neighbor that he is the one paying for his welfare check, but he mumbles something about everyone needs to help out. You almost scream at your family for not standing up against officials telling them what their home is worth and in which color it ought to be in, but your family dismisses you for not trusting democracy. You try to write editorials and publications, but no one reads them because the news talks about some rock star that has cut his hair. And it only gets worse.

When the government announces they are going to spend billions on childcare, everyone rejoice while you are trying to tell everyone that they are paying for it themselves. And when the government starts to borrow money for the same purpose, putting the debt on the shoulders of the same children, everyone applaud even more while you cannot believe how stupid people are. And when the government borrows even more and print fictive money to support their borrowing the unison celebration from the populace makes you wanna puke. Only the occasional other intelligent individual keeps you sane. But sooner or later you reach were I am today, you do not care anymore. You realize it is a dead cause and you also realize how tragically-comical it is and you laugh at all the misery, the wars, the recessions and the unemployment. You know what the cause is and you know where it leads and more importantly; you know how to fix it. But you also know no one will listen. People actually choice to live as slaves and under oppression from the cradle to the grave rather then knowing the truth and act upon it. And this is hilarious! Yes it is, because starvation and every economical down period can be avoided, you hold the answer, but people still walk straight for the abyss eagerly listening to collectivism and stupidity. People are morons and deserve whatever they get. Every dictator, every depression, every war could and can be avoided, but they rather have their “free” meal and feel good about “helping the elderly” rather than actually thinking. So when they die, when they suffer and when all the bad things happens, rejoice, it is funny.

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