Thursday, April 16, 2009

Please listen to Schiff

For those of you who think I’m the only one saying we are going towards really horrific times, you can listen to this guy. Just as myself, he predicted this current crisis and just like me he is afraid what can come out of it. And we are not alone in this; there is lots of other economist saying the same thing. Search the net, look around. Have you ever wondered why those voices aren’t heard?

Even though Peter is talking about America and is very focused on what’s going on there, the US is by no means alone in heading for the abyss. United Kingdom is maybe even in deeper trouble. Most of the Eastern European countries are also in big trouble and so are Japan who are into their 73463th (or something) stimulus. And do not listen to a word they are saying about China “turning upwards again”. Some so called "experts" is saying that the crisis is halting in China and people are seemingly shopping a bit more again. But that’s just it; they are spending, not producing and this thanks to massive bailouts. It is a scam. An illusion.

So when a couple of the world’s biggest economies tremble and fall, what do you think is going to happen to the rest of us? Most of the countries in Europe are doing pretty much the same idiotic thing that the US and UK are doing, although at a smaller scale and still with some resources to take from, but when this crisis really hits us, really really hits us, this is going to be mindboggling. Are you prepared? Are you ready to face this depression created by collective thinking and big government? I think it is already too late to turn back, but I’m a realist, other people who believe in capitalism are optimists and think we can turn it upwards in a year or two if we just let go of the socialism that got us into this mess. This is going to be really scary, really horrifying and really ugly.

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