Sunday, April 26, 2009

oh, we are all going to die…

The scourge of humanity rages onwards in Mexico and it might now have reached 80 kills and made around 1300 sick. Oh, the humanity…

Meanwhile, in the real world, during the same time this news has been told to us thru media, the following has happened (only counting statistics from the US);

5 Americans have died from driving into a dear, 200 have died from falls, 14 have died from drowning, 10 from shooting accidents, 7 from suffocation and tens of thousands have died from heart diseases, smoking, alcohol and that oh so funny huge killer of humans; old age.

And a bit of topic, do you know how many Americans that dies from the flu every year?
According to Centers for Disease control and prevention (CDC) over 200 000 US citizen get hospitalized each year and about 36 000 people dies. On average between 5-20% of all Americans get the flu each year.

Of course there is still need for emergency meetings, governmental bodies to be on high alert and we also need an increase in founds diverted to research and border patrols. Yepp, the humans is doing it again. Idiots.

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