Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh stimulus, stimulus who has the best stimulus?

Is it just me or is this stimulus thingy getting ridiculous? I mean there is no secret what I’m thinking about this stimulus madness, but come on. Those stimuli are pouring down from everywhere and it’s like everything is so much about stimulus that you cannot help it being stimulated to write stimulating things about stimulus. We are going to be so over stimulated that we are going to dream about getting stimuli from someone handling the very core of the stimulated area, with stimulating gloves bought by stimuli-money gracefully handed to us from an over stimulated government pressured from other over stimulated governments to throw stimulus money everywhere. How stimulated can we get?


Poland's government is to ask the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a $20bn (£13.44bn) credit line to help tackle the economic crisis at the same time they are, yeah you guessed it, conjuring up a stimulus plan worth 91.3bn zlotys ($31.4bn; $20.6bn) to kick-start the economy amid the global slowdown.


Italy approved an 80bn euro ($102bn) emergency package.

Spain launched an 11bn euro plan aimed at creating 300,000 jobs.

The European Commission asked that EU countries spend around 1.2% of their GDP to encourage investment and reduce unemployment.


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  1. Isn't it hilarious? Instead of getting tax revenue from taxing productive jobs (like someone sometime long ago discovered was a decent way to fund the government), the Spanish government is paying 30,000 euro per job created. I have a really cheap way of creating jobs - get everyone on social security to sweep the streets. Or pick olives. Ur dust government buildings. Or sit home searching for mysterious balls of lint. Total cost (in relation to just paying social security) : 0 euros!