Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bloody boohooing idiots

The message is clear, young girls in Sweden are under so much pressure in school that they burn out before they even loose their virginities. An article from the organisation BRIS (translation: Children’s right in society) argues that the government isn’t doing enough to save poor defenceless children from appending doom. It is a heart-bleeding story of an overlooking government and suffering children dying because of neglect. A study from the world health organisation that is quoted claims that 67 percent of Sweden’s fifteen year old girls are highly stressed by school-work and anxiety is growing. Self inflicting wounds and even suicides are apparently high up on the list of things these girls are thinking of. Billions in extra founds and some additional health-person, with one semester at a university studying gender rolls, sitting at school nodding at complaints from youths and giving them complementary birth control pills, seems to be BRIS way to solve this problem.

IF what BRIS says is true; how about this notion: Let them suffer! We are so pampered and so fixated with helping everyone with the slightest tiny problem that we are creating even more problems. If everything these girls hear is how neglected they are, how bad position they are in and how big problems they all have, what do you think is going to happen?

Life is a blood-spattered struggle and in life we all face adversities, hardship and neglect. We all end up in accidents, we get mugged, we get raped, we get sick, we loose jobs. This goes for everyone, old as young, rich as poor, men as well as women. Relatives might die in cancer, your loved one might leave you, and your children might get run over by a 47tons truck. Wars, pestilence, financial crises, miscarriage, ending up in a wheelchair, drugs, personal bankruptcy, heart attacks and millions of other things happens all around us. If these young women don’t manage to handle school, how the hell are they going to do with children of their own while bills are piling up? Stop cuddling with everyone! Life isn’t a movie were there is a beginning, a middle and a happy ending. We are all going to grow old and die.

It seems we have become so soft and week that as soon as anything is wrong we need support groups and governmental aid. But we are not soft, we are not week. Humans have taken their ill equipped bodies that should have been preyed on by pretty much every other animal on this planet and we went out and we conquered. Despite things like religion, socialism and Boy George we go on fighting and overcoming obstacles that no other species could. We rule this planet and whenever we use our brains there is nothing we cannot handle. And women have been suffering throughout history handling both homes and children while working. Give me one male that could manage childbirth and doing all the things that women do daily without falling apart. History might be ruled by men, but no one can convince me that women are the weaker sex. Stop with the “supporting” and stop regarding girls as helpless idiots that cannot handle anything except listening to Brittney Spears, that’s the very thing that created the problem in the first place. This bloody boohooing needs to stop or we will, for the first time ever, stop trying and just die.

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