Thursday, March 26, 2009

We are so majestically screwed

This post is for those few out there that actually uses the brain. You might have stubble upon this blog entry in several ways, but if you don’t believe in freedom and personal choice you can stop reading now and leave this place.

The ones I’m addressing is the ones who knows what inflation is and constantly have that scream in the head over stupidities like Barack Obama or governmental bank- and company bailouts. To you who are feed up with the madness in the world and cannot believe there are such things as feminists and gun control. To all you out there that know the truth I say to you; give up! Stop trying to convince and help the idiots. Sell everything you have and move somewhere where you can be pretty anonymous and feel a bit “safer”. Actually the best thing we could do is to form a new or buy a new country and with nuclear weapons we should be able to keep the looters away. But that’s not really realistic.

The world is heading for a big recession (yes idiot, we are just getting started, stop reading and go away) and when that recession moves over to that appending depression nothing good can come out of it. This isn’t an Ayn Rand novel or some fairytale were people suddenly realize their faults and fess up, that’s never going to happen. The fascist cancer that rooted itself in the earliest man at the dawn of time cannot be cured by lectures or chemotherapy. There is no cure for the populism, opportunism and pure madness that runs in the veins of pretty much everyone on this planet. The sooner you become conscious of this the better you will feel. Just breathe and let go.

I know many of you still have faith in humanity and maybe even think that this crisis will be a lesson and that we might rebuild a better world afterwards. Many of you think that if you just convince enough people and argue your case, things will improve. In a way I admire that stamina and conviction and the patience you show towards the idiots. But every victory you might claim is a Pyrrhus one. Every time a government does the right thing, ten others do the opposite. And a government doing the right thing will most likely not get elected. Every time freedom is claimed there will be thousands of regulations and taxes destroying it. And when you actually manage to convince some people about the realities of this world, they forget it after a week; some might forget the same day. There is a reason why history always seems to repeat itself and there is a reason why people keep ending up as slaves. The reason is that people in general are morons. Can you really blame politicians and high ranking officials for taking advantage of the money and power they have been given by the people? Lefties always blame the market and the greed among the rich as soon as some recession or scandals hits the news. The right blames politicians and the government. In a way they are both right, but the main blame should be put on the shoulders of the people. If citizens actually contemplated things and used their grey matter we would never see death camps, starvation or wars.

The two main reasons why governments have been able to keep the charade up for so long and keep winning votes is that we keep inventing things to improve productivity and that people don’t know (or rather don’t want to know) what’s really going on. And they might actually be able to run the spectacle forever. Because who will the people blame for the recession and who will be the scapegoats? To what and to whom will they turn when the money is gone and unemployment is sky-high? Sure as hell will not be towards those who hold the answer. Again we will see some funny little charismatic man deliver solutions to the hysteria. And people will listen, because they are idiots. There are so many faults and stupidities I could point at, but you already know those. So if you still insist on sticking around and keep helping the idiots find a slightly better way, please, at least keep some emergency plan in the back of your head. Sooner or later, that might save your life. And if you figure out some great way to save ourselves or the world, please let me know.


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