Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Leprecons and Unicorns exits!

First of all you need to know; there is not one single proof of manmade global warming, not one. There is no scientific fact supporting this notion anywhere and every time someone claims to have it they get disproven. You never hear about this, why is that… But politicians, UN, Greenpeace, the Catholic Church and your local supermarket and thousands of other organizations say it’s real and that we need to do this or that or else we are all going to die horrible deaths, birds will die, Koala Bears will die, we will starve, we will see a new Ice age and/or get more desserts, cancer will increase, feces will be thrown everywhere, chaos, destruction, mayhem, death, kill, murder, Hitler will raise again, shoe sizes will increase with 70%, riots on the streets, epidemics everywhere, ahhh, the humanity! And you, the idiotic people believe in this crap like our ancestors believed in Trolls and that the Earth was flat.

We have had several ice ages, we have had several periods that have been warmer than today. The level of Carbondioxid in the atmosphere has both been lower and much higher than today. The ice sheets in Antarctica have both been thicker and smaller then today; it has actually been completely without ice. Global warming is a natural phenomenon! All you idiots are doing is letting politicians increase taxes that don’t need to be increased and you are letting them tell you what kinds of lamps, cars and footballs to buy. This is what you should be afraid of, a bigger and more demanding government. But you believe it don’t you? You piece of single celled organism you.

I propose that governments everywhere impose taxes to protect Leprecons. And that we stop building roads and factories because that might disturb those Unicorns. If we are going to live by one fairytale we can live by another.

-I am more believable than Al Gore-

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