Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Breaking the law

While the Swedish government does almost the right thing when it comes to economy, they instead impose some of the most fascists laws that even seen daylight. People sharing information and downloading from Internet is going to get hunted by Gestapo-like dogs with the only agenda to save bad businesses that have done nothing to increase profitability since Internet come to use. But also the main problem is that government itself have created this “problem” by imposing ridicules taxes which makes products so expensive that people don’t want to buy them anymore. So when the governments together with bad businesses see ordinary people sharing files and information over the internet without paying taxes, they need to do something, so they make millions of people outlaws and now they are going to hunt them. And you don’t even need to have committed a crime; you only need to be a suspect to get frightening letters (the old way) and get your property confiscated. Apparently the Swedish government doesn’t feel like there are enough criminals and that the justice system shouldn’t spend their time on murderers or rapists.

I really hope most Swedish people break these laws and start doing it on a massive scale so we can see old people getting dragged from their homes for downloading Madonna songs and have youngsters growing up detesting “justice”. In the end that can actually work as a good way of convincing people how stupid central power really is and maybe, just maybe, it can be a new way for people to realize that the government (any of them) is an evil institution build solely on the notion of taking things at gunpoint. Me, I never break any laws, but I am however willing to become a rat and sneak around and point out people so these newly formed fascists thingies can do their business more effectively. And there should be rewards for helping with getting people “trialed”, huge rewards. I think that’s should be the next step, rewarding those turning in their neighbors. And I am hoping they use tax money doing so.

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