Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sex, adolescent and grooming

I’m having a hard time seeing a potential law against people taking contact with and then grooming someone that is underage. The line here is really blurry and it will be almost impossible to know exactly what you can do or not. For instance, if I happen to chat with someone that is hiding her/his true age from me and not the other way around, should I be punished for that? And the legal age to have sex is different in different countries. If I’m talking to a 17y Swedish girl, it’s okay, but not her American friend at the same age, to take one example. And at what age does someone become a pedophile? At 18? 26? 38? If some guy is 17y had has meet a girl online that is 14y, is he grooming her and is he a pedophile? Well not if she is an Austrian girl, 14y is the age of consent in that country. With FRA and IPRED in Sweden already eliminating most of that country’s freedom I see the attempts to make a law that will be very hard to interpret as just another excuse for surveillance and control of the people. It is already illegal to have sex with a minor; it is illegal to have child pornography and it’s illegal to do most of the things that are related to grooming, so why a new law?

And this age thing is pretty stupid in general. The age of sexual consent vary in Europe from 12y to 18y. In Sweden its 15y, but why this certain age? There are people that are sexually active far before their 15th birthday and some people should never have sex no matter what the age. And girls develop often faster and at an earlier age then boys, shouldn’t it be different age of consent according to gender?

So this thing is just stupid and unnecessary. And for those parents out there, who let their little girls have webcam in their closed rooms with the lock on, please check her once in a while.

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